Happy Mother’s Day, past.

I wish I had a (good) recent picture of me with all three of my children – but miracles are in short supply these days.  But I like this one, and all the ones that go with it, because when I look at them I just see me as Mommy-Happy.

I love my life.  I love my children.  I love the man who has given me this happy life and made me a mother.

He got me chocolate for Mother’s Day.  Dark chocolate.  Made by the world’s first farmer-owned chocolate company – in Ghana.  Fair trade.  And incredibly delicious.  It’s best if you chew it up right away and then let it melt in your mouth.  Oh, glory.

And he got me a bowl/fruit bowl from the same company – made in Vietnam.

This assuages some of the residual pain from the demise of my last great Mother’s Day gift.

These are some of the things that I love about him.

And an amazon gift card.  About which I have spent many minutes agonizing over what to spend it on.

And three meals, a trip to a youth circus (thanks, Karen!), and an evening with friends over our yummy pizza.

I believe the children were suffering from a reaction to drastic changes in barometric pressure.  In other words, they were bouncing off the walls at high-speed and high-volume the entire day, for no discernable reason other than that the weather changed.  But, hey, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy, I love you!” sounds just as good at high-speed and high-volume.


4 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Is that why we’re all extra jumpy. 😉

    I love your “Mommy-Happy” pictures. Good to look at to remind ourselves…..ya.

    I have an Amazon Gift Card too!!! And can’t decide what to spend it on…

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  3. How cute is this. I love being a mother and also love my life. You are one of the few who care to enjoy motherhood and not complain about it.

    Gifts are great but a husband who treats you well is even better. Love this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

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