All in a Day’s Work

If I had known how much work it was going to be, would I have done it?

I spent the day lost in a bewildering mass of children’s clothing.  But through dint of determination, courage, and uhaul boxes, I emerged victorious.  As Lia would say (while making a fist gesture remarkably like Roger Federer’s), Yes! (Which looks extremely cheesy in print and loses all of it’s appropriateness for the situation.)

And because I’m all agog when other people show their organizational prowess and love to look into other people’s closets, I’ll show you mine.

I’ve mentioned my method of clothes organization before and I bring all expectant parents into the girls room to see what has taken me so many years to perfect – but no one ever seems quite as enthusiastic as I about it.  But I am very enthusiastic.  This method of children’s clothes organization has been wrought through hours and hours of trial and error.  And hours and hours.  And I don’t even sew the clothes, I just store them.

So it was time to switch out the old, small, winter clothes and bring out the new, larger, summer clothes.  That’s the real motivation behind today’s 8 hour process.  So below, you have my handy-dandy sterilite, single stackable drawers.  You might be able to see that they are labeled “4T summer, 4T winter”, etc.  These are the clothes of Amelie and Lia’s future – at least two years into the future.

The big container up above contains their dress-up wardrobe.  I’d like you to know that this wardrobe has been pared down from two containers that size.  A few years ago we inherited almost 20 dresses.  All the itchy ones have been given away.

Please note that these pictures do not include the dressers.  I also neglected to take a photo of the closet with Levi’s and my clothes.  (Because, after all, childbearing years mean that there are maternity clothes, big clothes, and small clothes.  Not to mention winter and summer variants of each of the aforementioned.)

And here is the other side of the closet – current clothes and toy parking.  Clothing includes a few winter clothes, because I anticipate a few more days of cool weather before the big guns of heat and smog bombard us mid-June.  But those winter clothes will be easy to remove once the hot weather hits…they just take a little hop to the other side of the closet, open a drawer, pop them in.  No problemo.

I have big plans for the empty shelf up above.

And this is the real work of the day.  All of the clothes that are too small for the kids (not including the clothes that are too small for Lia, but too big for Amelie), baby blankets, burp cloths, birth supplies…it’s all there.  In 9 beautiful, inexpensive, reusable, lightweight Uhaul boxes.  Sealed tight with tape so the clothes don’t get dusty and spidery whilst they languish in the garage awaiting the next-born child – whenever said child appears.

But first we have to re-organize the garage.

Hopefully that will not take 8 hours.


4 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work

  1. where did all the clothes for the boxes come from? I never saw that much stuff there? Was it hiding? I am so impressed! You go, miss organizational queen!!!

    I join Lia with my raised fisted “yes”!!

  2. oh I have to ask before I go crazy…..what’s in the one that is NOT labeled??? I know the one up top is dresses I mean the one that is taunting me…guess what I am guess what I am. AHHHHHHHH

  3. why, that’s the catchall, of course! You don’t truly expect me to be completely organized at all times, do you? There’s gotta be a little room for reality. 🙂 It has shoes in it…because I don’t know what to do with shoes.

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