A Tragic Day

My favorite part of the movie Babe is (are?) the three mice.  The three mice with their little squeaky voices.  And my favorite part of the three mice is when they squeak out, “A tragic day.”

I thought that the mice should be narrating our family story on Thursday morning, when I realized that the girls had conducted their own haircuts in the privacy of their boudoir.

This was after, of course, the instant hot anger subsided.  When I was capable of rational thought.

It had been a long, long week of various devious (and, thankfully, deviant) behaviors.

There was the time I came out from putting Levi down for his nap to find under my desk two girls, two bowls, two spoons, one carton of icecream.

There was the time when I picked up one of my childhood dolls to find that her face had been liberally colored in with pens.

There was the getting into my purse and taking things out and then blandly knowing nothing about it.

There was more, but blessedly I don’t remember it any longer.  I’m past the frustrated phase and into the proactive phase.  I think.

Now that I’ve had a few days to get used to the new ‘do’s, I kinda think in my heart of hearts that they are absurdly cute.  They are so obviously self-inflicted, which is part of the charm.

I’ve had a few days to get over the disappointment that Lia’s hair, which after five long years had finally grown out to one length, now has large bunches on each side chopped to shoulder length.  And a few days to get over the disappointment that Amelie’s hair, which I just two weeks ago took the plunge and trimmed to almost one length so that it would look better – has been utterly butchered.

There’s a part of me that wonders if this is cosmic humor inflicted on me because I was wondering how Amelie would look with bangs and didn’t have the guts to try it.

There is also a part of me that feels relieved that it wasn’t my first born that got her bangs chopped almost to the scalp.  I try to face up to the fact that things feel different after the firstborn.  Because it’s true.

So here they are, the naughty girls.  As you can see, Lia also got a bit of a bang cut.  I’ve been putting her hair up until I can figure out what to do about the missing chunks on the sides.

And a close up of Amelie’s two-inch section of crew cut.  She also has a bit missing in the back.

We think she looks like Babalela – an Afrikaans book character.

But she doesn’t like being called Babalela.  Her name is Amelie.

I think I have now found all the chunks of discarded hair.  The initial handful which was my first clue into the situation.  A whole bunch strewn around the bathroom trashcan.  And most recently, a surprising clump of Amelie’s blond tresses in one of the boxes I labored over yesterday.

And now we just wait for it to grow out.  I guess.


9 thoughts on “A Tragic Day

  1. oh dear…they are still adorable…but I have to say I lay awake at night fearing Abby will do the same thing. (well I mostly lay awake at night because I can’t sleep…but it’s every mothers fear!)

    …Her name is Amelie…. this cracked me up!

  2. OOOOOooooooooh my. This is why I have boys, I think. I would be soooo sad!!!! I bet it was theraputic just to blog about it. And it will be an exercise in not worrying about outward appearance……*gulp* Hope this is a lesson learned and not repeated.

  3. Oh, Leilani! I’ll bet if you took them to a salon some talented stylist could turn their hack jobs into hairstyles. Emmy had a layered pixie cut for a while as a toddler (because it took FOREVER for her hair to grow!), and it was adorable with a capital A. One consolation: your girls are stunningly beautiful no matter how their hair is cut. *hugs*

  4. Is it helpful to know that Amelie’s bangs look an awful lot like Benjamin’s? No, probably not. But they do. And his were my fault. Luckily, it seems he has fast growing hair.

  5. ooooh MY! I really really hope we make it past this with Hannah. but, it seems that every parent of a girl has their story…. wow. their poor hair! LOL!

  6. Thankfully Nathaniel and Ella have left the stage where they get each other in trouble! Unfortunately, Ella and Brenden are now entering it! Naughtiness is just soooo much more fun if you have a partner in crime! Beware, Ella chopped her hair, got into a LOT of trouble, and a few weeks later didn’t remember the trouble part, only the fun and did it again. At that point we told her that if she cut her hair again we were going to cut it all off like Brenden’s. She has never done it again!

  7. Partners in crime, indeed! Amelie, being the family moralist, would not get in to half as much trouble if not led (or subjected) into deeds of questionable doing.

    I caught Lia this morning carefully combing down her new “bangs” with a look of satisfaction on her face.

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