I’ve been looking for a specific kind of book about math.  Something accessible, fun, light – while being profound and comprehensive.  I think I may have found it.  It’s a little early to tell, but I’m passing on the hopefulness.  If it turns out to be lame, I’ll let you know.  But it’s really good so far.

It’s Math Power: How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even If You Don’t by Patricia C. Kenschaft.  I was perusing the math reading list in my favorite Teenage Liberation Handbook, and ordered a bunch of them on interlibrary loan.  I wanted to see what I need in my personal library and what’s just good for a one time read.  I’m not sure yet on the Math Power, but I’m definitely sure that we need Anno’s Math Games.

We already have  been given two of the Anno books (Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar and Anno’s Counting Book) – apparently Anno books are staples in math literature.  So when I saw in TLH – a book for teenagers – the Anno Games books, I was determined to find them and take a look.

After some time going through Anno’s Math Games and Anno’s Math Games 3 this afternoon, I’m entranced.  So much fun.  Great illustrations.  It takes math way beyond computation and into the fun stuff, the analytical thinking.  Sure, some of it is way beyond us at this point…but so what?  You don’t just let kids listen to one finger music if that’s all they can play by themselves, right?


4 thoughts on “Math

  1. Cool beans! Hadn’t heard of these before. Always love finding new teaching resources! I’ve got Anno’s Counting Book coming in the mail!

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  3. Hey! I’m interested in your approach and in your homeschooling. There’s a lot your children can learn about math in a less formal environment. The important piece is that you make sure that they are the ones doing the work – try not to “show” them, let them work through problems, puzzles, and games with your guidance. The best mathematicians all have this experience.

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