Death, Round 2

What is it with kids and make-believing that they are orphans?  Almost every ‘imagination’ scenario right now involves the parents dying.  I was starting to take this personally until I realized…most good/classic children’s stories involve at least one parent dying.  Think Heidi, Pollyanna, Disney.  Makes for good drama.

Anyhow, the girls are getting a kick out of it.  It allows them to get another set of parents, if only in Pretend Land.

Their other favorite thing at the moment is to read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and death.  It’s so weird how these innocent beings crave gore and violence.  And what’s the most violent story they know?  (Other than the veiled violence of stories like Little Red Riding Hood).  The crucifixion.

Lia, the initiated one in the subject of death, was informing Amelie last week that we are all going to die.  When we get old.

Amelie turns to me, “We are not going to die, Mommy, right?  We are not going to die!”  I can just see her going down the hall as she’s telling me this.

But after a week’s worth of conversations with Lia (and some with me),  she could tell me that everyone dies when they get old.  (Lia, “How does that happen, Mommy?”)

Devo interjects realistically, “…or sooner”.

But luckily that part of the conversation bounces off of them.  I can only handle so many existential hurdles at one time.


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