Stock Pile of Funnies

I don’t know if it’s that they’ve been saying more funny things, or if it’s just because I’m blogging regularly that I’m catching and remembering them more faithfully, but I have a stockpile of funnies jotted down.  Such as…


Amelie’s way of saying “upside down” – “up see down!”.  So so cute.


Or when we had a conversation about being punished if they chose to do a certain action again.  To make sure my point got across I asked Amelie, “And what will happen if you do this again?”

She replies, “We are going to get punched.”


Lia has been working on a new interjection of her own choosing.  And she has chosen “shucks” to complement her formerly acquired “oh my goodness”.

But it took me a few days to figure out what she was trying to say because she rarely manages to get it right.  The most common variations are “stucks”, “stocks”, and “shocks”.

I think that muttering “shocks” under her breath is terribly funny and haven’t bothered to correct her.


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