The Volcano Erupting by Lia

Volcanos are volcanos.  They look like a big mountain that shoots hot lava with rocks out.  Lava is hot rocks that are melted.  Earthquakes wake up volcanos sometimes.

We made a volcano.  Amelie had a jar of baking soda.  I had vinegar.  Amelie poured the baking soda and I poured in the vinegar.  It erupted.  It looked like a volcano.

*Please note the hairstyles in living color.  Also take note of Levi’s tone of voice.  This is the same tone of voice with which he has spent hours saying “MA MA MA MA MA MA MA”.  Makes an excellent impersonation of either the seagulls on Finding Nemo or a peacock in mating season.


3 thoughts on “The Volcano Erupting by Lia

  1. I thought it was so cool I came back and watched it again…and Levi is telling you that HE wants to pour something into it! Poor kid…stuck in a high chair. Hair styles are cute…although I know it makes your heart sad to look at what I am sure you can only think of as “the hair carnage”. Remember my dear it does grow back and you can use it when they get of dating age. Everything happens for a reason my dear!

  2. Oh and apparently tonight I have to use the term “my dear” in a loving fashion that clearly portrays my motherly wisdom –repeatedly! Sorry my dear =)

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