Near the Meat and Chicken

Our church has been in a (great) sermon series about prayer, and a few weeks ago, Pastor Chris suggested that at the end of the day, we ask ourselves the question – Where did we see God today?

I liked that a lot.  When we eat dinner on Friday night, one of the things we do is go around the table and talk about the best and worst parts of the week.  Perfect time and place to add this question.

As I’ve introduced this question into our conversations, I’ve been doing very little modeling of possible answers.  I wanted to see what the girls come up with on their own.  I thought it might be enlightening, or at the least, entertaining.

So on Friday, as we went around the table, when it came time for Lia to tell us where she saw God this week, she stated that she saw God at the grocery store that morning.

I was a bit baffled.  The grocery store?

The grocery store where Amelie threw a huge fit – one of those mortifying kicking and screaming fits (I thought we had outgrown this like a year ago) – where we high-tailed it out of there, leaving the grocery cart (and Friday’s dinner ingredients) behind?  That grocery store?

“Where did you see God there?” I asked, frankly skeptical.  I sure wasn’t remembering any good, godly moments.

“He was near the meat and chicken.”

Right.  Near the meat and chicken.  Wha…?

Near the meat and chicken.  That’s where we were standing at the onset of the tempest.  That’s where I (and my small daughter, truth be told) was feeling anything but kind, loving, patient, God-like.  If you know what I mean.

And then I realized that Lia was right.  God is there, too.  In the ugly, humiliating, trying times.  Near the meat and chicken.  I had just not thought to look for God there.


3 thoughts on “Near the Meat and Chicken

  1. I LOVE this story. Don’t you want to know what was going on in her head to say that? How she connects God to temper tantrum to meat and chicken?

    I just was lead to Ps. 139:7-12 in a Bible study–kinda applies here. 🙂

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