It’s really too bad that blogging time comes at the end of the day.  When my thoughts just don’t have the get up and go to leap from one synapse to the next.

Fizzled.  Reduced.  Fried.

I know there was something I was going to blog about tonight.  Last night I was going to post the video from Lia’s recital, along with a picture or two.  But my computer couldn’t handle the exertion and my psyche couldn’t handle the computer.

I think this is Murphy’s Law coming in to effect, this end-of-the-day lapse I’m having.

As usual, I was still eating while everyone else had finished their dinner and gone on their merry way.  So I finished my dinner on the back patio swing, watching the kids play with a pot of potting soil they had overturned.  There were 45 minutes until bedtime and all I had to do was a few dishes, put on jammies, brush a few teeth, and the day would be done.  Devo had taken the kids swimming this afternoon, and they were all bathed and ready for bed.

This reprieve from the usual end-of-day wildness was so invigorating, I began to entertain pleasant (!) thoughts of doing some housecleaning after the kids were asleep.  Unusual, very unusual.

Well, I never finished getting the dishes put away, much less anything more adventurous.

Next thing I knew, Amelie was crying because there was something in her eye.  Which would be the potting soil.  Because if your sister puts potting soil on your head, it is going to fall into your eyes.

Levi had also been similarly, but more lavishly, decorated.

And by the time I was done showering them for the second (and Levi for the third) time, all enthusiasm for nightly pursuits of cleanliness had fled.

And this is really too bad, because we had a very very nice day.  Got up on time, went for a family walk, got compost at the nursery, managed both naps on time, practiced the piano, cooked meals (okay, so it was pasta and burritos, but hey…), went to the library to pick up 40 pounds of books about volcanos and sea creatures, read said books, played dominoes, visited with our neighbors, weeded, fertilized, and mulched the tomatoes while the kids swam.  We had a very nice day.

But as I said, it’s really too bad that I blog at the end of the day.  It makes for one post-mortem after another.  Haha.


One thought on “Post-mortems

  1. Maybe that’s why Levi woke up bigger – the potting soil must have had fertilizer in it!! A stressful ending to a great day. Very clean children tho!

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