I went to Costco today with one child. Levi.

And it was sooooo easy.

I remember back when I had one child and how it seemed difficult.  How sometimes the thought of lifting one child in and out of a carseat, buckling and unbuckling, was just a little overwhelming, a little more than I could manage gracefully.

[Gracefully and grandly.  Gracefully and grandly. What movie is that from?  (In a League of their Own).]  And back to our regularly scheduled program.

And now it’s so easy.  La di dah.  Having just one child is a legitimate BREAK in my Mommy day.

So, what, I need to have six children to make three feel easy?  Imagine how capable I would be if I had six children.  Would I be twice as capable, twice as courageous?


I don’t know if it is that I’ve been putting in these long long days.  Twelve solid hours is a long work day.  Especially when there are no days off in between.  If I was a nurse working 12 hour shifts, I’d only have to do it three days a week.  Not seven.

Or maybe it’s this very wearing phase of temper tantrums and sneaking.

Or maybe it’s because Levi is mobile.  He’s in the Baby Without Borders phase.

Whatever it is, I’m not currently in the flowing Mommy state.  More struggling against a mild but persistent current.  Things just seem a little more difficult than they should be. Not impossible, not overwhelming, just not … easy, smooth, spacious.

Like dinner tonight.  It took me an hour and 25 minutes to make dinner.  Which was open faced cheese, garlic, tomato sandwiches broiled, and a chocolate cake from a box.  For pity’s sake.


4 thoughts on “Easy?

  1. Oh Leilani! I understand. I’ve been trying to figure out how to blog that myself without being the brunt of criticism for having three kids. My husbands family thinks we’ve lost our marbles.
    How do you tell how it really is without sounding like you regret having all of your children?
    Maybe you have some wisdom??

  2. I need courage too! Wow, even thinking about six kids makes two seem easy. LOL 12 hour days are long. Is that 6am-9pm with a three hour nap? Or should you say 15 hour days? Phew. Tired. Don’t even talk to me about teenagers.

  3. It’s 7 to 7 – actually before 7 to after 7. Maybe I should have said a 13 hour day. And, yes, Levi takes a nap, but that’s the time when I get to do stuff with the girls, so nap does not equal break. 🙂

    Rachel, I think I’ll blog about this RIGHT NOW. 🙂

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