I’d like to introduce a new acronym.  ONIF.  Oh no, it’s Friday.

Friday, my least favorite day of the week. Do other people like Fridays?

I have mostly given up on the traditional philosophy of cleaning the house before Sabbath.  My Grandma always tells how her Mama would cook and clean all Friday, only to absolutely exhausted on Sabbath.  And I listened to the message and have tried to instill a more balanced approach in my own household.

And also Devo hates cleaning on Fridays when he’s gearing up for the weekend.  And I hate cleaning alone.

So there you have it.  Just regular pick up, and no visitors on Sabbath.  🙂

But I’ve been so invested in having a special family meal on Friday night, our only sacred family Sabbath time.  And the cooking part has been a huge impediment.

Such a time commitment.  Such a minefield for my sanity.

I keep simplifying the menu week by week.  This week I’m ready to simplify it down to PBJ.  Seriously.

That would free us up for more important things.  Like dessert.

Dessert is a touchy subject in my parenting life because everyone is always trying to stuff our kids with sweets, and then leaving ME to be the nay-sayer.  And to heap insult on injury, then people usually make me feel like I’m denying my children and being a strait-laced, controlling parent whose children are doomed to future intemperance. Not appreciated.

I want to be the one to say YES and to give good and delicious gifts to my children.  Why should everyone else always beat me to the draw and I be left to say, NO NO NO NO NO?

Sabbath has been deemed dessert day for our family.  To make the day extra-special, and to give some guidance to our sweet-toothed predilections.  Friday night Sabbath dessert is like the Jubilee in our house.  All debts are paid.  Whatever privileges and fun things they might lose due to disobedience, Sabbath dessert is not one of them.

But it dawned on me the other day that I need to step up my game in the dessert field.  Just because I like slightly sweet things like muffins and cakes without frosting, doesn’t mean that my children do.  I mean, they like them, but Lia keeps looking at the dessert and then up at me and saying, “What are we having with this?”

So this is what I’m thinking.  PBJ and a spankin’ good dessert.  Something really sweet.  Gooey.  Yummy.

(And now I disappear into a daydream where I become a dessert goddess and my children fondly remember the incredible creations I fed them in their childhoods.)

We’ll see how it goes.


6 thoughts on “ONIF

  1. Course while making dinner – and that included helping the girls make the chocolate cake = you talked to your mom on the phone. And still managed to not just make chocolate cake with help, but to make all sorts of little tiny cakes – which makes it even more special than tons of ooey gooey!

  2. I’ve tried to put in my Grandma’s notes to me under her name, but can’t get it to work, so I’m just going to copy and paste…

    Dear Frazzled Grand Daughter,

    “Ought to get better, but gonna to get worse. At least your girls are not dating yet, and your son is not driving! Only going like crazy super-animated perpetual motion. How else can he ever hope to catch up with his sisters?

    As for Sabbath Prep – I’ve probably gotten to be the world’s worst. When the sun sets – I Quit! Have found out that not vacuuming the the whole house for a month plus didn’t result in total collapse. Now I have that Roomba thing. Liana programmed it to come on on Thursday. It’s little announcement is like opening the baseball season. Da da da DA ti da! Charge: Then that bug bustles around. Terrorized the cats! Got stuck in the walk-in closet. Where we cut the rug was too high to climb over to get out. Then Max has left his tools in the front bathroom as he is (has been going to since March) fixing the water into the tub. Roomba got in there and grandly pushed everything into the corner. I heard falling metal things and ran to see what was going on. It even gets into Gpa’s office and stirs stuff around. Hilarious. (I do have to empty its little fuzz chamber several times!

    As for food, I usually take a ‘fruit salad’ to our fellowship lunch. A #5 bag of frozen mixed fruit mixed with a half #5 bag of mixed berries. Add a little sugar and a little corn syrup. Voila! Melts in the fridge overnigiht. Then Cost-U-Less hasn’t been getting the mixed berries in. Grrrr!

    When we got home from the marts of trade yesterday, I was yearning for a coconut-pineapple Carrot Cake. Yes, with ‘just a little’ cream cheese icing. But by the time I got it all put away, the sun set, we ate a tomato sandwich – – the stuff for the cake – with recipe right there – is still waiting. Thankfully we still have a few of Les’s chocolate cookies in the freezer. I do have plenty of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries so I could easily make banana/strawberry ‘icecream’ in the Vita Mix. Especially good with dollops of chocolate syrup.

    Gpa’s razor finally arrived (on the slow boat to China). We have finally gotten all the stuff we sent from CA.

    Nuff Nuff. Hang in there.

    Miuch love, Grandma

    PS: And it’s OK to have people over even if there are fuzz-bunnies behind the couch, children’s toys thither and yon, and your meal is strictly from cans or the freezer.

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