Looking at the Map

I put up a map of the US on the wall at the girl’s eye level.  (Thank heavens it’s laminated).  We were examining said map today, going places, identifying states.  They both know a number of the states by shape, thanks to a book they claimed as their favorite, The Scrambled States of America. The book has actually fallen apart due to extreme love and usage.  Lia’s favorite states, per Scrambled, are Nevada and Mississippi – because they fall in love.  Amelie loves Nebraska.  And Kansas.

Anyhow, I thought this was a good time to introduce a few names of capitals.

One of which was Olympia, Washington.  Lia asks, “Like, lumpia?”  (Filipino spring rolls).  Haha. Yes.

We also ‘traveled’ down to Louisiana, which looks like a boot.  Lia wanted to know about my midwife who lives in a boot.  I was confused – did she confuse something with ‘there was an old woman who lived in a shoe’?  Karen doesn’t live in Louisiana, nor is she old.

But she did go on vacation to ITALY (shaped like a boot), to visit her husband’s family.


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