Sumer is a’comin’ in

Methinks that the sound I heareth is Levi banging his head on the wall.  And laughing.

We’ve reached the time of the year when the daily swim becomes a part of our schedule.  I am not yet ready for this interruption – especially when we’re just barely getting a handle on a regular schedule, post-family.  But my husband is strong and brave and has carried us out to the pool by dint of his enthusiasm.

You couldn’t call me enthusiastic – yet – but it’s hot, and I bought a new swimsuit.  (My old one was less than modest, due to aging.  The swimsuit.  Not me.) So the time must have arrived.

The pool man at our condo is not my favorite person.  I’ve never met the guy, but last year he took four months to fix a filter.  The jacuzzi is rarely clean.  And this summer, the chlorine content in the pool is so high that Lia has come home two days out of three with severely burning eyes.  Arrrrgh.

But swim season means it’s time to make a shift to a summer schedule.

The nicest time of the day is the evening, from about 5:30 on.  I’m thinking dinner outside, a little gardening, a little ball throwing, running through sprinklers, lounging on blankets under the tree.  But with the kid’s bedtime at 7, that means that the beautiful summer evenings are taken up with indoor activities like dinner (and DISHES), pajama donning, teeth brushing, book reading, sleeping.  This is a travesty.

It’s going to be a big logic puzzle, figuring out a summer schedule.  How can we ::

  • be outside in the evening
  • put the kids to bed later
  • make the kids sleep in longer
  • be inside during the hottest parts of the day
  • not cook during the hottest parts of the day
  • swim (and bathe ) after the water warms up in the morning, before the wind starts to blow in the afternoon, and at a time when we don’t need sunscreen
  • prepare three meals
  • be at home for two naps, 10am & 2pm
  • find a time slot to go places without forfeiting naps or meals
  • garden before the bath (don’t have to worry about getting dirty), but after it cools off
  • walk in the morning
  • bike, go to the park, etc., in the cool of the day

It’s a doozy.  The ramifications of each item are so far reaching, so nuanced.  Sounds silly, I know.  But it’s not.  And you, my friends, know that it’s not.  Anyone else making a shift to summer yet?


6 thoughts on “Sumer is a’comin’ in

  1. Yikes. Sounds like you need an increased portion of “cool of the day”. This is indeed a jigsaw puzzle. Not silly at all. A mother’s great{est} challenge. You will figure it out. Hopefully not one week before the end of summer. 🙂

  2. ahh yes…. the challenge. You’ve got a lot to fit in! We’ve been dealing with later bedtimes here too… because it’s still light outside. AND because it’s cooler and we want to be outside when it’s cooler and not so blazin’ hot and humid! fun challenges!

  3. Meals – tomato sandwiches for lunch and dinner. PBJ for breakfast. Fresh fruit and veges added. There, meal planning done for the summer! No cooking required! After farmer’s market, go to Paneras and buy bread, yum.

  4. Sarah, I hung a black curtain over their window this week. Thought maybe they’d sleep a little longer in the morning or go down a little earlier in the evening. No changes yet. I’m assuming that their internal clocks need some time to adjust.

  5. Laura, you make me laugh. When I wrote this post, I was thinking that I probably wouldn’t figure it out until the end of summer. Haha, you know how it goes!

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