And the Summer Begins…

A summer of long Friday and Saturday evenings stretches before me as the Youth Summer Program begins.  I hope that I will continue to enjoy the time and space.

Not that I’ve ever been a party animal.  I distinctly remember in college using Friday evenings to go to sleep at six and Saturday evenings to do homework or practice in an empty music building.  So if anyone should spend summer weekends alone, it’s probably me.

Maybe I should get out a puzzle.  Learn a foreign language.  Write a book.  Something to point to at the end of the summer and say, See! I did that!

Some thoughts on this, the first night ::

1) So we had PBJ for dinner tonight. (We had it for dinner last night, too, if you must know).  I was suffering from low blood sugar while at Costco and twitched and got the wrong yummy bread.  I got the yummy white bread for tomato sandwiches and for garlic toast and for dipping in Andersen’s Pea Soup (CRAVING!).  I should have gotten the hearty multi-grain. PBJ just doesn’t seem as wholesome on white bread.

And then I forgot to get the chocolate syrup for the chocolate milkshakes (sweet enough dessert?).  So I made some and it tastes just like the real thing.

But due to my freezer being filled with 75 grillers for tomorrow night’s youth activity, among other things, I didn’t have room to put the hot syrup in to cool it down while keeping the icecream cold.  So the syrup melted the icecream and we had extra sweet chocolate milks for dessert.  With whipped cream on top.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

2) Devo was half catatonic this afternoon – World Cup Soccer SOUTH AFRICA at 5am catches up with you some time.  I was strongly considering watching the opening ceremonies – after all, we are supposed to be enjoying these large sporting events together this year.  But my resolution does not extend before the hour of 7am.  Break me in gently.  I’m a sports enthusiast newbie.  Indeed, I’m just trying to keep up with my mother-in-law who watched sports with her boys (and still does) – I think that is so cool and I want to be like that.  Yes.

3) Levi has a new tooth, surprise!  I like not knowing about teething.  And he’s been growing like a weed.  I’m really liking this napping bit (growing = more sleep), but I’m not sure what to do.  He naps at 10 and 2 – but what do I do when he sleeps from 10-12:30?  Do I really put him down an hour and a half later?  Somebody wise give me your wisdom.

4) Lia was a very happy girl today.  All day. And so affectionate recently – Devo and I are slightly bewildered but just lapping it up.

5) A surprise in the garden this morning – red poppies!  I think this is my third year of planting red poppy seeds.  And, finally, some came up and bloomed.

6) Read Jane Austen’s Persuasion this week.  I’m really starting to get the hang of it.  I find the older writing style a little harder going.  Emma just about killed me.  I don’t remember a thing about Northanger Abbey.  But I enjoyed it alot and have sworn to never again buy a book with little footnotes explaining everything.  I can’t help but looking down to read the explanation, even if I already know what it is.  Very disruptive.

7) Have my eye on a house.  That already has an offer. Is this like being a single girl who has her eye on someone who’s already taken?

8) I wish that I took more pictures and that uploading them here was easier than it is.  I’m just not up to a ten-step per picture process.  When will click and drag come into being?  Technology, hurry up!

9) Last but not least, I am done with black.  I wear a lot of black.  It looks good, doesn’t show stains of child-origin, dresses up or down.  But I’m done with it – done with it for clothes, done with it for household items.  Time for COLOR.  VIVA LA … COLOR?


6 thoughts on “And the Summer Begins…

  1. If Ezra sleeps longer, I push his second nap back. He’s sleeping at 9 and 2 these days (9-11, 2-4), but ya, if he sleeps from 10-12, it’ll be 3-5. Messes with the rest of the family doesn’t it? Think he’s sleeping better at night because of the schedule during the day???

    Yay, I love red poppies!!! But not teething.

  2. Laura, words of wisdom! Maybe I should push his morning nap earlier. But doesn’t Ezra wake up super early? Levi has decided 6:45 is his moment. I wonder if he’d be ready if I start putting him down a little earlier.

    The night times are okay. We’ve gone from one waking at 5:30 to adding another one sometime around midnight. But I’m going to nix that one. I’ve been so tired at night, my eyes won’t focus when I get up!

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