Carpets on the Morrow

Tomorrow we are getting our carpet professionally cleaned.

{And just as I typed that, the phone rang and it was our handy carpet cleaning courtesy call reminding us of the BIG EVENT.  I love how the universe aligns sometimes.}

If I was Greek, this would be worthy of being spit on, a la Big Fat Greek Wedding.  It’s epic.  It’s profound.  It’s long overdue.

Finally I will be able to let people into my house without cringing.  There are actually a few people I have purposefully not invited over simply because I can not bear to have them see this carpet. There are small vestiges of pride that I cling to even yet.

But tomorrow this will change.

And tomorrow we will start eating in the Very Small Kitchen Nook (conveniently floored in linoleum).  I hate eating the Very Small Kitchen Nook because it is, well, very small.  And I don’t like feeling cramped while feeding.

But for the sake of the carpet, and to spare my children from a carpet-obsessed mother, and to spare myself from … myself – we will move mealtimes into the VSKN.

On the morrow.


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