And the carpet is clean.

I can’t stop smiling.  It’s like the early days of love.  Every time my eye beholds the carpet, I break forth in (no, not beauteous heavenly light) smiles.

They got almost everything out.  They could not get out the pink splotch of fingernail polish.  Or the reddish area that fell victim to a secret feast of strawberry Jell-O (powdered form).  And I see that the large area of powdered charcoal spillage has diminished greatly, but not disappeared.

But the dining room is clean.  And that, my friends, is a miracle.

Now I’m not so paranoid that we will lose our hefty cleaning deposit.  This is a great relief of a secret fear.

And all I did was make a phone call and write a check.  I will never do Rug Doctor again.  I will instead save my pennies to hire a professional.  Yes.

Now, do they have professionals for bathrooms?  I’d love to smile when I walk into my bathroom.


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