Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

Monday :: Monday, I went to Costco on special assignment – buy a new hairdryer, as my old one had finally breathed its last.  I had been to Costco on Friday, so all we got was the hairdryer.  It was a special family event.  Five people, one hairdryer.

Which we apparently left in the shopping cart, in the parking lot of Costco.  Because when I went to use it, it wasn’t anywhere.  And neither was the receipt.

Tuesday :: Tuesday, I went to get my first tree.  Our city offers a free tree to everyone who brings in their March utility bill to certain nurseries.  But the form said that it had to be signed by the owner, not the tenant.  So I went through all the trouble to send the bill, along with a note, an address sticker, and a stamp, to our landlords.  (Very unusual effort and organization for me).  Who promptly sent it back, signed.

So to the nursery we went.  All five of us.  And I remembered to bring the signed paper (pat myself on the back).  Only to find out that I had gone through all that trouble for the 2009 bill.

Wednesday :: Wednesday, I bought a little miniature wine glass for Amelie.  On Friday nights we drink grape juice out of pretty glasses, and Amelie had broken hers so I wanted to replace it.  I carried it into the house, through the kitchen, then stumbled…and it fell and smashed to smithereens.


One of these kinds of things is irritating, two are disturbing, three are laughable.

So today, we laugh.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.

But, to make for a happier ending than just laughter, I hunted up the 2010 utility bill (which I found out does NOT have to be signed by the landlord), gathered the shreds of my courage, and managed to procure my first tree. Meyer lemon.

And I went to Costco where some enterprising and noble soul had rescued my hairdryer on Monday, another dutiful person had logged it, and thanks to computers they hunted up my receipt (incredulously, “you only bought the hairdryer and then you left it in the cart?”), and gave me a new hairdryer.

But the glass, well, it was only 50 cents.  I’ll try again next week.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

  1. Uuuugh. I am not laughing. 🙂 I am grimacing and feeling your pain. Why do these things happen in quick succession? Oh the pains of losing our minds.

  2. And I thought my week was a scramble – gory details, if I get it all sorted (sordid) out by Sunday – in the weakly! Grandma

  3. What was it with last week?! That is the way my week went too. At least the week ended. and hopefully the end of the jinx. so there.

  4. What was wrong with the week! I pitched up for a chipracticion’s and doctors appointment a week before my appointment! And I really rushed to be in time, just to hear it is next week. LOL

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