A Week of Firsts

  • At the age of three years, three months, Amelie read her first book.  A BOB book.  She sounded out each word, and, with prompting, put together the words and sentences.  She has a tremendous ability to focus, that girl.  She has also begun ‘practicing’ the piano.  Every day after I practice with Lia, she hops up and finds the ‘twins’ and the ‘triplets’ and all the C’s and plays a little exercise.  So that she can get a sticker.
  • Lia has learned how to roll her R’s.  I was beginning to think that she would be one of the unfortunate people who never learns the trick of flipping her R’s.  But suddenly she acquired the skill and it makes for dramatic and hilarious word usage.
  • Amelie has started praying what she calls “New Prayers” – her personal embellishments to the familial stand-by of Dear Jesus, Thank You for the food.  Amen. I’ve got to get a camera out, they are so darling and funny.  Dear Jesus, Thank You for my friends.  Thank You for brownies.  Thank You for our family. Amen.
  • Lia started soccer on Sunday.
  • We had a round of immunizations today – and there were no meltdowns.  This isn’t a first, but it is a first in recent times.
  • Lia wrote her first ‘typed’ sentence.  Unprompted!  She was going through our facebook pictures and commented on one of them :: lia love leilani Can my Mommy-heart melt into a happier puddle?  Methinks not.
  • Unless it was when Lia asked me today if I was a teenager.  I said, no, I’m an adult.  Well you LOOK like a teenager.  If this was facebook, I would click the like button.  LIKE!

4 thoughts on “A Week of Firsts

  1. They are growing up so fast!!!! Rolling Rrrrrrs already? I’d LOVE to hear that. Girls can be so drrrrramatic. Teenager — nice one, Lia. 😉

  2. Ah.. how I long for these precious grandchildren! I would have added a like you on FB for that teenager. Amelie reading, whow. She was also excelling in building puzzles when we were there. She was then only 2 years and 3 months old. Building puzzles for 3 to 5 year olds! It’s a year since we visited. No wonder I am longing so much to cuddle and play with them. Love

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