Soccer Days

We had a big first in our family this weekend.  Our first child (Lia) started her first sport (soccer).

I’m soooo glad that they started an Adventist soccer league last year.  I’ve been dreading baseball since she was born.  Baseball just seems like such a waste of time for small kids.  (In my opinion!)  I like soccer better – lots of running, lots of involvement, lots of teamwork.  Yes.

The beginning of soccer season comes at an opportune time – we are all about soccer right now.  Thank you to World Cup Soccer – hosted by South Africa.  We watch a game every morning over breakfast.  Quality family time.  Lia, especially, will happily sit with Devo and watch the games.  And she really does watch.  She is learning the fine art of supporting and rooting for teams.  I’m not sure what her criteria are for choosing her favorite teams, but once chosen, she sticks to them.  Even if Devo is rooting for the opposing team.

And Lia is exhibiting lots of enthusiasm and confidence and readiness for sports right now.  Like at beach vespers on Sabbath, when she was playing soccer with the big boys.

Evaluations were on Sunday.  Saturday night she woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I went to feed Levi and started jabbering away about soccer, and kicking, and what she was going to wear.  In the morning she chose her South African FIFA shirt – I had forgotten that her Ouma brought it out last year in expectation of the games this summer.  She was most anxious to go buy cleats.

And off she went with the evaluator.  I didn’t hover.  She didn’t cling.  We were all very relaxed about this momentous event.  But it is quite something to see our baby girl changing into a GIRL – someone who is confident and gutsy, who is independent and engaged.

I loved watching her running the drills (or whatever they are called), athletic but dainty.  I loved watching her jockey for her position in line behind her friend Katie.  I loved watching her talk to the evaluator and take charge of herself and her information and her abilities.  She is changing so much so quickly right now – but it’s an exciting time, there are so many vistas opening up wide!


4 thoughts on “Soccer Days

  1. That’s SOOOOO exciting!!! I look forward to the days of soccer as well. Such a cute picture of her playing with the boys on the beach! I love it!

  2. She has great soccer sense, a very good right foot, and best of all, good taste for her outfit :-)… can’t play soccer and not look good. Exciting indeed for little Lia! Now we’ll need to see if she’s okay with her Pappie being coach?

  3. Ah…Thank you so much for your posts. I do enjoy them always, even when I do not comment. I see that the children are growing up so fast… and I wish I could be more often in physical contact with them. I am though very thankful for Skype!! Glad that Lia is playing soccer. I am almost sure she will love Pappa being the coach. Will be proud of him. Love

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