Homemade Summer Goodness

:: reading on the porch swing

:: watching fireworks from our back porch, oohing, aahing, and singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat with people we love — while eating watermelon popsicles.

:: girl laughter:: summer nights in the garden


6 thoughts on “Homemade Summer Goodness

  1. To think that we sat there last year watching this marvelous fireworks with you. Oh, it would have been wonderful if we could have been there this year. It is with fondness that I remember it. Love

  2. Oh, and your night garden looks romantic. Hope you have nice times with Devo alone there!

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Your garden is beautiful and the skirts so cute but of course the girls are even sweeter – the 3 look like they are having such a good time! Watermelon pops – how do you make those?

  4. Watermelon pops reminded me of the “recipe” I heard of for watermelon icees (sp?) the other day. Puree it, and pour onto a baking sheet, about an inch thick. Freeze for 2 hr, up to 24. Then shave with a fork, and eat! Sounds yum. Though we had 75 degree weather here today, it faded to a gusty wind by 6. 😦 No watermelon icees. Maybe in Kansas.

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