The Planets

Our ugly (and cheap) thrift store bulletin board, found new life last week in a coat of paint and a new purpose – child art.  (I’m not so keen on the red edges we ended up with – but black seemed so harsh for bright creativity).

Current household fascination – the solar system, planets, and star death (must say star death in raspy, eerie voice). 

The Solar System as depicted by Lia and Amelie (additional art by Amelie)

One happy hour with acrylic paint and markers, with occasional trips to google for planetary viewing.

SUN, by Lia.  Spotty MERCURY, by Amelie.

Lia worked her phonetic magic (new skill!).   We have VENIS (explanatory note :: the S is backwards and is touching the I, just in case you thought it said VENR).  And RHT. What two letters say thhh?  H and T.  That’s right.  Mostly.

MORS, by Lia.  JUPITER, by Amelie – complete with the Great Red Spot.

SATRN, Lia.  NEPTUNE, Amelie.

And my personal favorite joy-giver – PLOOTO.

That evening, the kids were new characters in their imaginary play.  Amelie was Jupiter, Lia was Saturn, Levi was Sun…because he’s a son.


8 thoughts on “The Planets

  1. Fantastic! This absolutely makes me smile. They are such good little writers and artists! Makes me wonder when I ought to get Peter started….he doesn’t have an artsy mom. But I need to try for his sake.

  2. Lia was never interested in painting and such until just recently. And I’m not particularly crafty, myself. But I did just get that amazing book – The Creative Family. Highly recommended!

  3. Oh my goodness. Too cute. We can wait for a while before explaining “Ploootoo’s” true place in our solar system… 🙂

  4. Actually, they already make their qualifying statements about Pluto…”Pluto’s not a real planet, it’s a dwarf planet!” Haha.

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  6. i’ve been wanting to read “the creative family for about a year now! maybe it’s time?
    I love all the fun artsy stuff and crafty stuff you’ve been doing!
    However-I just read a post about an hour ago on here-listing all the awesome things you’ve been doing and this and that and now-it’s gone! Where did it go?! I want it back! LOL! 🙂
    I’m going to be looking up soulemama and getting me some lovely inspiration.
    and-how on earth do you embroider your child’s artwork?? 😉

  7. Sorry, Sarah, it’s back now. DEFINITELY get the Creative Family. I can’t recommend it enough. About the embroidery – you trace the artwork onto the cloth and then just outline with the thread using a basic stitch. I’ll post a picture here sometime soon.

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