Creative Renaissance Here

I got my Mother’s Day gifts in the mail, day before yesterday.  And I’m so in love.

The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections is such a good book.  I have an inkling that it’s going to be one of those life-changing books…you know, one of those that either alters or enhances your previous level of living.

Thank you solely to (no pun intended), we have undergone a complete creative transformation over the last few weeks.  I dug deep into her archives and found so much inspiration and so many good ideas.

I’ve never been much of a crafter, as a parent.  First of all, Lia never showed any interest – until recently.  We’d get out the paint and they’d sit down for, oh, maybe two and a half minutes, tops, and that was it.  Kaput.  Finis.

And gluing beans to paper just never resonated with me.  I was searching for a real reason for crafts – one beyond time filling and landfill filling.

Well, we are embarking on a new and exciting adventure of creativity and self-expression (reasons!).  I’m so new to the idea of incorporating creativity into daily life and learning, that I’ve actually posted a note on my kitchen whiteboard ::

What do I need/want?  How can I make it?  Can I make it from repurposed stuff?

What are we learning about? Can we draw, paint, create, read, visit, sew, write, type, or act it out?

Birthdays and gifts – what can we make?

Etc.  It’s just not my first inclination.  Especially the gift part.  I always draw a blank at gifts.

So in the last few weeks I/we have:

  • sewn a valance for the kitchen
  • sewn a beach/picnic blanket from fabric I had inherited from an unknown source
  • painted and hung a bulletin board for the children’s use
  • sewn a banner that says LOVE (awww), and started to embroider it
  • embroidered a love note from Lia and framed it
  • painted, painted, and painted some more
  • started the planet project
  • sewn seven Lazy Days skirts
  • taught the girls how to help sew and assisted them with sewing their own little bags
  • painted a dollhouse – preparing to decorate this evening
  • created small wooden people
  • ordered a truckload more of these little wooden people, and their dollhouse items…shipment due in tomorrow
  • made fresh pasta
  • created a Fourth of July celebration – with homemade hamburger buns and patties, fresh corn, and watermelon popsicles
  • made two batches of fresh Tassajara bread
  • made stone markers for the garden
  • completely reorganized our sewing and craft stuff
  • gone thrifting several times and come back with two tablecloths (one is a glorious bright yellow, just perfect for a garden party), two sheets with pretty fabric for repurposing, two old and frayed but very pretty quilts, a small darling doll basket, and a couple of other things I’m forgetting about now (like $6 brand new soccer cleats!)
  • helped the girls make beds, pillows, and blankets for their dollhouse

Maybe you believe me now.  I’ve really been inspired.  Many, indeed most, of the things on the above list came from ideas on soulemama’s blog.  Before I got the book.  And the book is so exciting and full of ideas that I can’t read it right before going to sleep or I won’t be able to sleep.

<big cheesy grin>

The next thing on my list is to haul in the big armoire thing that’s been taking up space in our garage for two years, awaiting my inspiration.  Can anybody say “craft closet”?


6 thoughts on “Creative Renaissance Here

  1. WOW!!! You’ve been inspired big time!! =) I’m excited for you all! I think it’s beyond me at this point, but maybe one day. I’ll enjoy watching from afar for now. I would like to see the beach/picnic blanket. That’s something I think I could really use. Have you seen this website? 😉

  2. Laura, I think that’s so funny because I’m always looking at the crafty stuff you do with Peter and being in awe. I think you’d like the book – it has a lot of family culture things that I think you’d really enjoy. I’ll get a picture of the valance and the blanket soon. On my way to see make and takes!

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  4. What a great website! I think I’ll cast my vote now in your favor as “Mother of the Year!” I sense so much love and patience throughout this website. I can see that great gift of a book for Mother’s Day giving you inspiration to achieve much, but I believe a good part of the inspiration has to come from the blood. I see a “Ruby, Junior’ in the making!

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