Looking forward to vacation

With a fantastic VBS behind us (the Pharoah was soooo cute), I am ready to jump in and make some LISTS.

We toyed briefly with going on a last minute, unplanned vacation, starting Wednesday.  But common sense won out.  The kids are frazzled with late nights, snocones, and the complete disregard for regular naptimes.  Devo’s just plumb worn out.  And I’ve had trouble sleeping due to boisterous VBS songs running through my head for whole nights at a time.

The fun all caught up with Lia Saturday night and she was down with a fever, sore throat, and the sniffles.  Now that she’s on the upswing, Levi’s down with the fever.  I suppose Amelie’s turn is a’comin’.  Luckily it seems to be very mild.

All good reasons not to go on an unplanned vacation.  When we went back to look at our calendars, we discovered that our smarter selves had previously planned to go on vacation starting August 8 – with a decent interval between the busy-ness of VBS and rejuvenating fun.

We’re thinking about camping.  Ooh.  For the first time.  Double ooh.

We think that starting with one night might be the best.

But what I’d REALLY like to do is to find a rustic cabin out in the middle of nowhere where we could just sit around, go for walks, play with pinecones, watch sunsets.  But we haven’t found The Cabin for The Price yet.

So I guess I’ll take myself off to write a list – what stuff to take camping.  Tent?


3 thoughts on “Looking forward to vacation

  1. You have to camp at least 2 nights cause the first is never a good sleep night and the second people are finally settling in and learning to relax and sleep better! Have to give everyone time to get into the mode.

    Hope all get well fast and mommy and poppi don’t get the bug (and DO get to sleep!)

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