End of the Week Round-Up

End of the Week Round-Up — by no means all inclusive.  Or even representative.  On further reflection, maybe I should retitle it End of the Week Weak Stream of Consciousness.

1) Herbs.

Can I ever have enough herbs?  There’s nothing like running my hands through the basil.  Or the dill.  Or the thyme.  Or the rosemary.  I cannot imagine a life in which I have enough herbs.

I have five run-of-the-mill basils, a purply basil, a purply ruffly basil, and a spicy globe basil.  And yet still I ration.

I have one dill.  And it was so intent on flowering, that I let it…it seems against the cosmic order of things to thwart so determined a process.  Next year, more dill.  MORE DILL!

And speaking of more, next year (or, perhaps, even this year) MORE TOMATOES.  Here we are at the beginning of August and I’m rationing tomatoes.  This is wrong, very very wrong.  (I don’t think the tomatoes like their new place in the garden…too much clay?)

2)  VBS recovery.

See, I said that Pharoah was cute.  I think I’ll name this picture Reason #23,986 Why I Love This Man.  Not everyone has a rockin’ Pharoah for a husband.

As I said, post-VBS, the children have {all} been down with a mild cold.  Perhaps “down” is the wrong term.  Maybe I should say that they’ve been “up” with a mild cold…up at nights, that is.  I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m going to succumb (how can I not, being bathed continually in snot?  hey, that rhymes).  But I’m ignoring my sneaking suspicion and consuming vast quantities of vitamin C.

3) New (to me) blog genre (or would it be a category?)

I’ve been perusing the crafty blogs this week.  I need a new bookmark category because all my new favorites are getting lost in the home decor category.  Here’s a few, maybe you haven’t seen them::

Posie Gets Cozy

Angry Chicken

Not Martha

All Sorts

4) This week’s sewing funSnack Bags from angry chicken.

They are like  old-fashioned fold over baggies – remember those? – made out of fabric. So easy, so quick, so cute, so usable!  They are even easy and quick when little someone’s sit on my lap and do all the sewing.  Or, serging, rather.

In her video tutorial, angry chicken uses a serger.  I have a serger.  My mom bought it for me, oh, five years ago.  She used it to sew me an extraordinary bridesmaid dress in a feat of sewing daring and prowess.  And I’d never gotten it to work since.  I became, through a number of hours of pouring over the manual and peering into the machine, proficient at threading the thing.  But I could never get it to make a decent serge.  (Or whatever the terminology would be). And getting to a Joann Fabrics class just never got to the top of my “I really should do this” list – it remained firmly entrenched in the “I feel perpetually slightly guilty that I have not done this” list.  Do you have one of those?  (I recently starting actually making that particular list – hoping to check some of those things off and release some guilt into the stratosphere).

Well, cute and reusable snack bags were inspiration enough.  I retrieved the serger from its resting place in the garage and the girls and I watched a youtube tutorial to freshen up my threading skills.  We threaded it, and as I was fooling with tension knobs, I discovered two more knobs around the back side.


Voila.  Now I have a working serger.  Thanks, Mom!  I’m going to use this gift alot!  Five years later.

The girls picked their fabric and sewed their bags, including a small one for a friend’s birthday gift, and we filled them with homemade crackers. Yum.  They didn’t last 24 hours.


5 thoughts on “End of the Week Round-Up

  1. my herbs are still in their packets. hmmm. pharaoh is very cute! Is that a Carmen original? Glad the serger is working. I’m thinking, while spending alot of time at mom’s post cataract surgery, I will take over fabric and machine and attempt my hand at – don’t hold your breath – sewing.

  2. If I don’t miss my guess. You will never need to plant dill again. There is reason it is called Dill WEED.

    I agree that rationing tomatoes is VERY VERY wrong. You need to invest in about a dozen cinder blocks 🙂

  3. I think I may be tempting fate here, when I hope that the dill will act at least a little like a weed…this is the third or fourth dill I’ve planted and this is the first time it didn’t shrivel up and die. (Does this mean that I’m going to be yanking out dill from all over the garden next year?)

  4. Glad you enjoy your herbs and veg. garden! Ofcourse Pharaoh is cute, but he is holding a cutie. Do he want to sing!

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