Our vacation in which we didn’t vacate

We had great plans for our vacation – the first days off we’ve taken since coming back from the sabbatical.

At first we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  We have used all of our vacation for years for either visiting family (or them visiting us) or for those first few weeks after a baby’s birth.  So we don’t have much practice in planning vacations.

But we finally managed to come up with a plan – to camp.  My biggest desire was to VACATE…I just felt an strong need to go far far away from here.  So by the time Sunday rolled around, we had (over) researched our options and had narrowed down our destination to…<drum roll>…Big Sur, Sequoia, or King’s Canyon.  With leanings towards the Big Sur.

Monday we went down to San Diego to see my step-brother, Josh and his wife Shaena, and their baby Misa.  I just have to post a picture of Misa.  Did you ever see such scrumptiousness?

And we had such a nice time, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Plan A was to leave for camping Tuesday morning.

But I got a call from my cousin, Megan, that she was driving through on Tuesday morning.  And being that I hadn’t seen her for something like 8 years, I was very anxious to postpone our departure so that we could see her and meet her husband, Jon.  So we did.  A delightful time chatting and then Indian lunch buffet.  Yum.

So they took off on the next leg of their roadtrip and we headed home to pack.  And I was so grumpy, and I couldn’t get myself (or the stuff) together.  So we consoled ourselves that Wednesday morning, or even afternoon, was an acceptable leaving time, too.  (I think was was Plan D – having skipped over several variations in the narrative).

Well, I woke up that night at 3am with a raging fever.  Self-diagnosis – mastitis.  Spent the morning in Urgent Care.  Got shot in the hip, boo. Came home clutching my precious antibiotics and nursed that stubborn fever.  (It would stay over 100F even with a large dose of motrin).

And that that was the end of our camping adventure.

I can only be grateful that we weren’t on schedule, that we hadn’t just ferried our children 8 hours in the car, set up camp, finally gotten everyone to sleep in an unfamiliar location – only to pack up early the next morning and go off on a search for the nearest Kaiser Permanente.  Amen and amen.

The week melted on and we slowly unpacked all of the stuff we had packed.  By Friday I was feeling much better, so we declared ourselves to be on STAYcation and went to the beach.

And put the tent up in the backyard and slept in the tent.  Ate smores.  Drank hot chocolate.  Bounced on the airmattress.

What kind of a face am I making there?  Very odd.  (Note :: benefit of backyard camping – cleanliness!)

Went hiking.

Or snoozing.

The kids thought the staycation was just great.  (Smores and hot chocolate go a long way towards convincing them that something is fun).  My personal favorite was sleeping in the tent – maybe next time we’ll leave Levi in his crib in the house.  Because we can. But would we be lonely?

I am grateful that it was only a bit of a let down of a vacation, not a full on disaster.  And I’m even more grateful that we still have two weeks of vacation left and we can try again.  Next time.


3 thoughts on “Our vacation in which we didn’t vacate

  1. This sounds like the voice of experience. For the first time ever I’m tempted to say, “Lucky us, we don’t have a sprinkler system.” Although, we did get a little sprinkle from the neighbor’s sprinklers.

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