Soap and climbing

I bought a few bars of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap.  Good thing I wasn’t planning on using them right away, because they have achieved the illustrious status of Favorite Toys of the Week.

I have seen the bars of soap used this week as babies.  As cellphones.  And, this afternoon, as “skaters”.  (That would be skates).  Very handy things, soap bars.

(Tell me again why we buy our children toys?  It’s so funny what they pick up to spark their imaginations.)

Levi has mastered the skill of climbing up into chairs.  So it’s not uncommon to see him perched somewhere, swinging his legs.

Now that we’ve gotten smart enough to pull the chairs away from the tables, that is.  Before that, we’d find him perched on the table.

Perhaps eating a tube of toothpaste.  In his birthday suit.  Sopping wet from the shower.  Escapee!


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