School Starts on the Morrow

Homeschool Year Numero Dos starts on Monday.  Which is funny because Monday is actually a family “day off” — but to let Devo get in on the fun, we’re starting school on Monday.  And we’re following last year’s great tradition and going up to the mountains to peer at twigs and bugs through a magnifying glass.

I’ve taken a rather laid-back approach to homeschooling.  No lesson plans, just the curriculum standards for California to act as a general guide and checklist.  Worked brilliantly last year.  This year we’re ready to add in a little more structure.  A little.

I finally decided on a math curriculum – Math U See.  I had completely decided to go with Miquon when I stumbled upon it on this great homeschool blog.

I was a little dubious about the “U”.  “Singapore Math” sounds much more…legitimate.  But on the other hand, Math U See has faint overtones of fun things like U Pick enterprises.  U Pick strawberries, U Pick addition.

Math U See uses a base ten block set thingy and word pictures and emphasizes mastery of concepts.  I don’t know about my children’s learning styles, but it seems to be right up my alley.  And goodness knows I need some solidification in my very vague mathematical experience.  And it turns out that Lia’s piano teacher used it with her kids…and both of them, the one who struggled with math and the one who was mathematically minded, both loved it.  Ding ding, we have a winner!

And for religious studies (or Bible, or whatever you please, sir), Devo thought that he’d like to oversee that area.  Being that he’s qualified in that area and all.  Lia, can you say “systematic theology”?  Good, how about “eschatology”?  Good.  Now, what is the definition of “exegesis”?

We decided to follow the stories for the Jesse tree, taking them about a week at a time, to land us right into Advent.  Perfecto.  (Devo, here’s the link finally! xoxo)

As a side note, someone gave us a children’s book about John the Baptist.  Rather gruesome bedtime reading.  Lia wanted to know what the wife did with John’s head.  Now that she brings it up, I’m curious too.

We will continue with Read, Write, Type.  And with piano lessons.  And children’s choir.

And I bought each of the girls a large, bound sketchbook.  If I can convince them that the pages are not for random drawing, I’d like to put all of our drawings, exercises, and reports, etc., in the books as a kind of learning log.  We’ll see if that’s a good idea and works…or if it was just a good idea.

For the other subjects, we will continue to keep an eye on the curriculum standards, and continue a rather Charlotte-y Mason approach of lots and lots of reading.  And it’s going to be so much fun.  I can’t wait to see what I learn this year.


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