First Day of First Grade

~Due to an unfortunate attack by small girls with squirt bottles, my keyboard (and therefore my computer) are currently unavailable.  We apologize for the delay in posting pictures.

The first day of first grade was a success.  A delightful hike, a couple of hours playing at the shore of the lake, the first entry made in their “school books”.

And, as always, a few choice quotes by our first grader ::

Lia :: Look, the ducks are pruning! (That would be preening).


Lia :: Mommy, what are those butterflies doing?

Me :: I think they’re mating.

Lia :: It looks like fun.


3 thoughts on “First Day of First Grade

  1. so how did the rest of the conversation about mating go?!! And for health today, we studies the birds and the bees, errr, the butterflies.

    Sounds like a fun day! I like your school. Can I be your school nurse?!!

  2. That was the end of the conversation. Actually, no, the conversation did go on. She thought that maybe it was a girl and a girl, or a sister and a brother. But Devo told her it had to be like a husband and a wife – mixed company and not familial. 🙂

    You ARE our school nurse already! Don’t all those middle of the night calls to our personal triage nurse prove that?

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