Homeschooling, Week 2

Today we bought a new printer.  I have been eyeing a laminating machine for several months, but have been unable to decide if I would truly use it to capacity.  (Greed or need?)  But I definitely need a working printer!

Our last printer still *kinda* works, but the ink cartridge had dried out.  Puzzling at first, as I had refilled it at Costco only a couple of months ago.  And then I remembered that the printer had been repurposed as an imaginary home for small figures.  It was the perfect size, and it had a door.  The ink cartridges had been removed to provide more head room for the occupying family.  Hence the dry cartridge.

But a new cartridge cost almost the same amount as a new *working* printer, so there you have it. We printed off some handwriting sheets to be used on the morrow. But they won’t be laminated.

I’m beginning to sketch in more definite scheduling ideas into our daily flow. There definitely aren’t enough hours in the day. But I kind of like it that way…keeps me from being overly ambitious.

I’ve been doing a little reading, a little research on philosophies and methods. I really do like Charlotte Mason . This approach uses lots and lots of reading, and often lets learning grow out of the stories. I especially like how the child ‘narrates’ what she can remember (has learned) from a reading.

Waldorf seems to be very art-oriented. It also seems to be complex, but I think there are some good concepts to utilize. I haven’t been able to find a site that has the Waldorf philosophy and method boiled down to my satisfaction – something to really chew on. But I do like how Waldorf encourages a lot of imaginary play (they don’t start ‘school’ until after 7), and how learning is intended to speak to the heart as well as the mind.


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