The Measure of My Days

~natural laundry detergent~

~Sabbath challah~

~challah to share~homemade granola~

~record of this week’s official learning~

~My box of washing soda arrived today.  Because no stores in this area carry it, I ordered it from Great Cleaners…free shipping if you sign up for automatic shipments.

Grated down our Dr. Bronner’s soap bars (one bar is still incognito, probably disguised as a baby, wrapped in a dishcloth, and tucked somewhere for safe keeping).  We used Baby Mild and Citrus Orange to make two different “flavors”.

I don’t know how user friendly my pretty canning jars will be when dishing out the soap, but they sure are satisfying.  Everything is satisfying in a mason jar.

Recipe is from SouleMama, source of everlasting inspiration, peace, and beauty.  In one of the comments, someone has done the math and figured out the cost savings.  Imagine that, save money and be environmentally friendly.  Doesn’t happen often.

~Methinks it’s time to share the goodness of our challah recipe.  Maybe next week I can take the gallery of photos it deserves (my new favorite pasttime, photographing breads) and share.  It really is unbelievably delicious.

~Devo mixed up a batch of granola this afternoon.  Easy peasy now that I mix the dry ingredients in a paint bucket.  Just takes a few minutes to toss some with the oil and water and fill up the oven.

~Lia’s Book of Learning, with this week’s record of “official learning”.  Opposite page, her drawings from our experiments with the changing forms of water.

I’ve begun to think that I should keep a record of the things that I do and accomplish so that when I get to the end of these exhausting days I can say to myself Oh, yeah, you DID do alot today! Because, you know, at the end of the day sometimes you need a little cheering squad.  Especially when you’re so tired you can’t remember what happened just mere moments earlier.  🙂

It’s been a wild week, trying to get into this new, fuller schedule.  The bones of our day are still the same, but the level of faithfulness is going up, up, up.   And it’s wearing me out!


2 thoughts on “The Measure of My Days

  1. I LOVE mason jars!! And fresh bread. And learning logs (I just call mine my lesson plan book. Much less fun.) 🙂 We are making some honey wheat in our bread machine this week to go with stuffed bell pepper soup. At least that is what is on the menu. Regardless of if it gets made, I am going to be proud of the fact that meals were planned and shopped for accordingly!

  2. YUM! Do share the Challah recipe!! AND the granola recipe! 😉
    How fun to make your own soap. I also make my own, only I make a liquid kind. I found the grated soap wasn’t dissolving in the wash too well. I’ve also found I like using Fels Naptha, versus Ivory. Ivory tends to gum up the clothing and make a bad coating on the clothes. Fels Naptha, everything comes fresh and clean (including pretty good stain treatment.) I’m interested in knowing how the Dr. Bronners works. I hadn’t thought to use that, but I do love the liquid castile by them! Looks like you had a terrific week! I love reading your blog. 🙂

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