Summer’s Tally

Other people have been posting beautiful pictures of jams and jellies.  I will post the bounty of my summer nights, hazards benefits of a busy summer youth schedule.

I did not, as forecast, learn a foreign language or write a novel.  (Although, someone on facebook did suggest a striking name for a character in a novel – Ellen Gould).  Instead I immersed myself in a creative renaissance of sorts, discovering new blogs, reading new books, reorganizing my craft stuff, asserting my will (and intelligence, and a bit of luck) on my languishing serger, and generally wreaking havoc.

First up, the valance for the kitchen window that started it all.  A scrap from IKEA’s as-is department – a deeply satisfying green and white stripe.  Newly paired with my most recent thrift find – a five dollar pair of shutters.

Now, coming from Guam, shutters meant something metal that you hefted out of the carport and secured onto your windows whenever there was a typhoon watch.  Handy things for sparing your windows from the debris flying around at 220mph.  But not pretty.   These are pretty.

Also pictured is the first posy pin of the summer, handily dressing up my (awesome gift from my sister) purse.

The pesky beach blanket, loosely modeled after SouleMama’s.  I loved hers so much that I went to the fabric stash to see what I could come up with.

And boy have we used that blanket this summer.  It goes with us to the beach, to the mountains, to soccer every week.  And, most recently, it was used by Uncle Curt and  Auntie Somer to swing the kids around the living room.  Good times. 

I must say that I especially like the tie on the corner…makes it so easy to tie to the backpack or the stroller.

Embroidered a love note from Lia…I LV YOO…it never fails to make me smile.

And here is our craft cupboard.  This behemoth has been sitting in our garage for at least two years.  Its source?  The LA Biltmore.  It was awaiting my inspiration (and incurring the wrath of my husband, who was requested to move it several times), and finally inspiration arrived.

I have done little except move it in (well, that was significant), removing the TV stand (well, that was difficult, too), and shoving in our craft stuff.  I have been unsuccessful at removing the hotel safe.  It is firmly glued and unfortunately locked.

Other items formerly mentioned are ::

small wooden people

Lazy Days skirts

children’s bulletin board

fabric snack bags

And more recently ::

The dollhouse. Another thrift store find, it was formerly plain wood and used as a bookcase on the girls dresser.  (Did I never take a picture of the before?)  Some paint, scrapbooking paper, decoupage glue, and some quality time with the exacto knife.  I just love it.  LOVE. IT.  I’m especially fond of the black and white “tiles” in the kitchen.  I’d be happy to work in a kitchen like that.

Now I’m on the lookout for some sort of tiling for the roof and some sort of paneling for the outside walls.  I’m envisioning a gray roof, and white exterior.  With shutters?

And then I will lacquer the whole thing in varnish before the girls accidentally peel all the paper off and generally grub it up.

Incidentally, I just tried to spell accidentally “accidently” and couldn’t figure out why the spell check didn’t want to allow it.  <sigh>

When it is all finished, I’ll post a picture again.

I’ve also been working on making a Nativity Scene out of the little wooden people.  I don’t think it’s going to be amazing, or even particularly cute, but it will be fun and that’s the most important part.

And lastly, my most recent project … sewing Christmas Eve nightgowns for the girls.  Someday soon I’ll post about my big Christmas plans.  <knock on wood>

Apparently I haven’t used a pattern recently.  Or ever.  I can’t seem to dredge up an actual memory of using an actual pattern.  Those things are rather intimidating.  But I gathered up my courage and I’ve got the first pattern all cut out.   Those scissors, by the way, are worthless.  And yes, I have cleaned up the blocks.

So, that’s the story of my summer nights.  Probably not the full story, but as much of it as I can remember.  At the moment.

Next up, Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Summer’s Tally

  1. Just reading the list your accomplishments made me tired.
    Forcast for today – hot sunshine feeling like the high 90’s. We dodged showers of varied intensity as we went about our list of ‘to do’ down town. Got lightly sprinkled on a couple of times. Glad we are home (5pm) as it is pouring. Oh Well! All of those horrendous boiling, roiling and often black clouds had to dump somewhere. – Gma.

  2. I did occasionally use patterns, but maybe not when we did any projects. I think we just made up designs for what we needed for whatever project!! Sorry, I did buy a book on sewing for us to go thru and do lessons on learn everything we needed to know – but we never did it. So only have it for reference – here – so it won’t help you, sorry! fortunately, the patterns come directions and you are good at figuring things out, so I know you will do great with your sewing projects!!

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