Food on the Brain

My mom was eating French toast while we chatted on skype today.  French toast made with this incredible hazelnut bread imported from Oregon.  Oregon to Guam, that’s quite a journey for a loaf.  She was eating it with my Grandma’s delicioso nut butter.

And now all that I can think about is frenchtoastfrenchtoastfrenchtoastfrenchtoast.

And we’re out of bread.

But luckily I can MAKE my own bread, so after tucking the wild things into bed, I made some honey whole wheat dough.  First time for this recipe, but it should be pretty good…honey, milk, butter, yum.  In its defense, it is made entirely out of whole wheat flour.  So it’s not a terribly unhealthy bread.  Just not terribly healthy.

So I think we’ll have French toast for breakfast tomorrow.

I have been working over my food philosophies recently.

For one, on weekdays, I’ve been cooking a real meal (vs. simple sandwiches and burritos and pasta, which are obviously not real, obviously) directly after cleaning up breakfast.  And then we eat it for lunch.  And again for dinner.

We’re all trying not to complain.  And I think that the reason we are tempted to complain is not so much from having to eat the same thing twice in a row, as it is that I’ve been trying out new recipes and they haven’t been all five stars.  So we’ve been eating meh meals twice in a row.  Which is a little taxing on our general goodwill.

But not as taxing as cooking twice.  So I’m going to stick with it.  Even if it does seem that all I do in the mornings is cook and practice the piano with Lia.  It’ll take awhile to get in the groove.

And as for grocery shopping, whose bright idea was it to just cook out of your pantry for a week or two and “save money” on your shopping?  Depletion = more shopping (and more money!) next week.  So now I’ve officially decided that for us, who keep a fairly modest pantry without much excess, this does not work.

I’ve also been more generous with my grocery shopping habits.  I balk at items that cost $5 and leave them sitting on the shelf.  But then, mid-week, what’s in the cupboard is so boring, I throw up my hands in despair and we go out to eat…at a much heftier price.  Logic, Leilani?  So I’ve been spending a little more on my groceries and I think it’s paying off.

At least it’s tasting good.

I just need to stay away from ‘frugal’ blogs for awhile – they’ll throw me off kilter.  Balance.  Middle path.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Center.  Focus.

And last but not least, on this all important subject of FOOD, I think that I have finally reconciled my two food selves.

The first self is the self that reads something about healthy eating, raw diets, yadayadayada, and is either completely inspired or completely intimidated into being inspired and is tempted to vow to never let anything less than perfect food come through my kitchen.

My second self is the one that reads about homey things like baking bread, apple pies, muffins, frittatas, making cheese and yogurt, and all these things…and is ready to open up Auntie L’s Country Kitchen, complete with donuts fried in fat.

And ne’er shall the twain meet.

But I think I’ve finally found the point of peace.  I’ve decided that my eating philosophy is ::


That might mean to eat well (healthfully) or to eat well (gastronomically).  I think these two can live in harmony.


3 thoughts on “Food on the Brain

  1. Wonderful! To eat well. Not obsessively aka neurotically – keep the balance Veganisimo is not considered the next step of sanctification as some would want us to believe. Veganism vs veganimosity. I understand healthy, I don’t understand the rudeness that goes with the piousness of some vegans. Balance is wonderful! Almost as good as mom’s Mixed Nut Butter!!

  2. I made honey wheat bread this week too! In the bread machine. 🙂 I didn’t realize that the yeast I used can’t be used on a delayed cycle, so it was a little denser than I would have preferred – but that actually made it a perfect accompaniment to the stuffed bell pepper soup that we ate it with. 🙂 I am really trying to get back in to my food groove too. I think at least Monday was a step in the right direction. For the rest of the week we are pretty much eating at Mom’s since JB is in Fairbanks. Speaking of the smaller half of “we”…it sounds like he is happily awake. More later!

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