Handmade Christmas – thinking ahead

On this, the first day of Fall (or the last day of Summer, depending on who says), I’m jumping ahead a season and thinking about Christmas.

Because I always feel like Christmas somewhere around October.  Which is a good thing, because with the speedy and hectic holiday times, I’m usually not up for Christmas when it really happens.

Besides, don’t they say that people who sing Christmas songs out of season are in love? <blush>

But I’m not quite ready to turn on the Chipmunks yet.  Only because I’m not sure if I am ready for three full months of them.  Yet.

I am, however, ready to think about gifts.  Handmade Christmas, doesn’t that sound nice?

Christmas PJs. I’m thinking Christmas Eve and snuggly new pajamas … which will instantly be spotted with hot chocolate.  Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen white frilly nightgowns for the girls.

Got the first one cut out and ready to go.  And ready to go.  And ready to go.  If I say it enough times, maybe I’ll gather the courage to face my first pattern.  I was never particularly good at following directions.

Waldorf dolls. Now here’s where the real courage comes in.  This time, I need the courage for buying the supplies, not the actual sewing.  I found this amazing tutorial on flickr.  I’m itching to try making the doll wigs.

I want to make a doll for each child, including Levi who has been very gracious to share the girl dolls with the girls.  I even have extra fabric to make matching pajamas for each doll.  Can’t you just see them poking out of the stockings on Christmas morning?

Ambitious?  Definitely.  Overly ambitious?  I’m beginning to feel the tremors…

Christmas stockings. I have actually started my first serious knitting endeavor…a stocking.  It’s intended for Devo as a labor of love, if not symmetry.  <snort>

Because after 8 Christmases together, we still don’t have stockings.  And for a family who prefers small gifts in stockings to cascades under a tree, that’s kind of lame.  Or belated.

I don’t think anyone else is going to get a knitted stocking this year.  I’m thinking felt will do the trick.

Jesse Tree. We’ve already got two ornaments made.  Amelie would have lovingly adopted the felted earth and tree into her Inner World, but I rescued them so that they can be found (intact) at Advent.

The unmentionables. I am unable to disclose the gifts intended for “grandparents” and Devo at this time.  But I’ve already got them planned. SCORE!  (Have I mentioned that this is probably the first year ever that I have planned gifts?)

Rice bags and eye pillows. After long discussions on our projected contribution to the flurry of office staff gifts this year, I think we have finally settled on rice bags and eye pillows.  Not too girly, useful, handmade, and non-caloric.

The reject list for office staff gifts ::

Homemade natural lip balm. My first inspiration for Christmas.  Devo raised an eyebrow, and ventured that people who don’t like lip balm (like, the men) could just…give it away to someone else.  True.

Peppermint Bark. Devo’s first inspiration for Christmas (although he very graciously agreed to the lip balm if that’s what I wanted to do, sweet).  But some late night calculations revealed that it would be $7 for five pieces (or something equally exorbitant).  Ahem.

Heifer International. How about a card with a picture of an goat, helping someone to become self-reliant in honor of our friends?  (Also known as this year’s default option, in case I’m being a little…overly ambitious).

And then we went through the usual list – cookies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, hot chocolate cones, cookies.  But I don’t feel like cookies this year.

Let me clarify … I don’t feel like baking lots of cookies for staff gifts this year.  Of course I feel like cookies.  Right now I would choose my Grandma’s chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies.

Now to start thinking about things for the kids to make for one another and for others.  Just in case they need some ideas.


We are also thinking about Lia’s upcoming birthday.  I think one of the things we’d like to give her is a treasure box to keep her treasures in.  Like her teeth.  And any other precious thing she treasures.


6 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas – thinking ahead

  1. I’ve been thinking Christmas lately too… and coming up empty. I don’t have CLUE what to do for family gifts this year! Hopefully inspiration will strike soon!

  2. I’ve been in the Christmas Spirit too already. I try and make cinnamon rolls about this time of year and give them out before the attack of the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas sweets season.

    By the way, as I remember (from mine) baby teeth start falling apart after being kept for a year or two.

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