Looking At…

Choosing Toys :: From Simple Homeschool, I’m ready to go through the toys again, this time with these five questions in mind.

Knit Hats :: From Sweet Pea Toad Tots (via multipy delicious), knit hats of enormous cute factor.  Levi needs a lion.  He does.  

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake :: Smitten Kitchen inspires again…will I take the time to set some of the raspberries upside down or just mix them in?

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls :: You had me at hello, multiply delicious!  Or maybe at “sweet potato cinnamon rolls”.  But that was last week when we thought it was fall.  Now that it’s blistering mid-summer again, I’ll have to put it off a couple of days.

Wooden Kitchen :: I’m a’hankering for this beautiful play kitchen.  I’d like to play there, myself, wouldn’t you?  I would spend my time organizing the shelves.

Belgian Light ‘n’ Crispy Waffles :: We’ve made these twice this week.  Light and crispy for sure!  (And how is it that I’ve lived this long without the knowledge that everyone else beats their egg whites for waffle recipes?)


6 thoughts on “Looking At…

  1. Grandma K. always made her waffles – the plain ordinary kind – folding in the beaten egg whites.
    Now this old lady used the add water kind. Yuk! Thnk I’ll make some ‘real’ waffles. Gma

  2. Heather, thank YOU for all the inspiration! You’re probably right about the cinnamon rolls…but do I have the guts to turn on the oven in 110 degree weather? Definitely have the guts to make some dough!

  3. Maybe add water AND egg whites and see what happens! But “real” waffles aren’t that difficult (unless, you do like I did on Round 2 and quadrupled the milk while trying to double the recipe). You know, Marla Kae says she has a delicious waffle recipe…

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