Today, part of it, at least – and not necessarily the most important parts

  • Good thing about today :: It’s over.  Which doesn’t mean that it was all rough, but I didn’t get to sleep until 2AM last night because I was…get this…COLD.  It’s been 110 degrees, my yoga class room hadn’t had the air on until we arrived, it instantly melted the kids first icecream cone of the summer (oh, it isn’t summer anymore?  huh.), and was generally stinkin’ hot all day.  And then five minutes before I get in bed, the air is blowing right on me and I get cold.  Not even my personal heater could warm me up.  Nay, not even him and socks.  I finally got out of bed and put on sweats, a sweater, and wrapped myself in polar fleece…and an hour later got warm enough to sleep.  ???  Anyhow, it left me tired today, and you know how that goes in the great game of Mommy Life…
  • Amelie got into the scissors.  Again.  But it was Lia’s fault because she is the one who climbed up to get them (I noticed, however, that she didn’t share the Now and Later that was secreted in the same place).  There are now snippets out of Baby Christi’s dress, a doll sweater my Grandma had knitted for one of my dolls, Baby Ann’s hair (my beloved childhood doll makes it almost 30 years before she gets her first haircut), and about five other things, including…you guessed it…Amelie’s bangs.  Again.  <sigh>
  • We made paper dolls today for the first time.  And we made some art with oil pastels.  Which were referred to as “tea tree oil”…because both items contain the word oil and are equally new and full of exciting possibilities.
  • I ventured unassisted to the doctor’s offices with all three children.  During nap time.  But of course they couldn’t make appointments for all three back to back (policy), so we’re going again on Thursday.  Levi was a wild thing during the appointment, but sat quite still and contentedly for his blood draw.  Huh.  I kept my cool, but it was a trying time.  Good thing I had a good hair day and a new blouse to bolster my morale.  I think I’ll be fully recovered in about a week or so.  Except that we’re going back on Thursday.
  • Two meals, no going out to eat!  I thought lunch was pretty brilliant.  We had leftover homemade pizza – fresh tomato, garlic, parmesan – so we spooned on some black beans, added some lettuce, cheese, and salsa, and voila! tostada pizza.  Scored big with Devo.  Scored big at dinner with the girls – homemade macaroni and cheese.  And Lia made the cheese sauce.  Because she’s a “good cooker”.  Yes, indeedy.
  • We practiced the piano today, as usual.  And I took a slightly less focused approach – allowed Lia a little more la-di-dah time in between accomplishing the assignments.  We’re a little ahead for the week, so I figured if her attention span wore off before the list was finished, we were okay.  But what do you know, she kept practicing.  And practicing.  And practicing.  And learned two new songs beyond her assignments.  I finally called it quits because MY attention span was wavering.
  • If music is a form of communication, and western music is a language, Lia has crossed over in her ‘compositions’ from baby babble to some intelligible words.  Just in the last two weeks or so she has begun using chords in her random playing, creating ‘real’ music.  Levi, at the same time, has about quadrupled his vocabulary.  It’s almost like they are increasing their respective ‘language’ skills at the same time.
  • Speaking of Levi, he can say “no” now.  And he loves saying it.  It gives him such joy.  And it’s still so new that I think it’s cute, too.  Especially because he has to think about it and get his head nodding or wagging in the proper direction.  His other words include :: ja (yah!), shoe, dog, up, all done, moon, various animal sounds, more (which sounds like “moo” but is helpfully accompanied by the sign), and, most darling … Amelie.  Out of all the names he could try first, he chose Amelie.  Aaaaa – ma- eee.  Three syllables, even!  He loves saying it, over and over.

2 thoughts on “Today, part of it, at least – and not necessarily the most important parts

  1. What a conglomerate of happy/sad emotions all wrapped up in one post. My face is confused. Smile, frown, sigh, smile, BIG sigh, clap, big smile. =) And I want to hear Lia play piano.

  2. HA, that’s EXACTLY what I thought! Another variation on this post was “it all adds up”. Was it good? Was it rough? It was neither and full of both! We will record Lia this weekend and post it!

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