I opened my baking utensil drawer to find a ping pong ball in the 1/3 cup measure.  The pair had last been seen going on a tour of the front hall with a small boy for a tour guide.

Amelie was dancing the “Chinese Tango” this evening.  I think this is what comes from studying the Nutcracker and watching Dancing with the Stars on the same afternoon.

Found in garden this afternoon :: the last missing Easter egg.  It had a plastic parachute man in it.  If it had had candy in it it would have been sniffed out long ago.

I joined a choir – seasonal, just now until a Christmas concert early in December.  It’s the first time I’ve warbled in public in YEARS.  Devo hired a babysitter and practically pushed me out the door, and I’m so glad he did.

It’s finally cooled off enough to do things outside.  We went for a bike ride and were so happy to get rained on on our return trip.

I’ve been thinking that there is a difference between gentleness and tenderness.  Semantics, I’m sure, but it seems that tenderness requires a deeper and truer commitment.


2 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Always enjoy your blog – feel ‘left out’ when you don’t write.
    I can understand missing bars of soap (i.e. babies) and missing squash (who knows). Why do such things disappear at my house and then re-appear at weird times and in the strangest places. Must be the cats!

    Thank you, Devo for shoving your songbird out of the ‘cage’.

    Love to each – Gma

  2. I am impressed you have a son that puts stuff away..even if it’s not quite in the right drawer…he got it half right! That is better than my grown husband on most nights =)

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