Two moments

I had exactly two moments today.  Two moments where I wasn’t working or soothing or interfering or nagging or directing or trying or herding or cajoling or planning or struggling or snapping or accomplishing or just not getting it quite right with my children.

One moment where I was reading the last chapter of Understood Betsy with Lia snuggled on my lap.  There were no other children interrupting, there were no must-do tasks on the immediate horizon.  The kitten in the book was learning how to drink milk and put his nose into the milk.  And sneeze, sneeze, sneeze!  Lia got the giggles and it was a perfect moment.

The other moment was when we were hiking this afternoon.  Devo had gone on ahead with Lia, Adventurer Extraordinaire, and Amelie and I were coming along at our own pace.  No one else needed my attention, there was nothing for me to do other than climb up the hill, holding a sticky, sweaty, sweet little girl hand, and listen to her chatter.

Two moments out of days and days and days of paddling hard and not getting much of anywhere.

I think it’s time in the motherly cycle to practice some letting go.  Let go of the string of tasks I have assigned myself.  Even the important ones.  Get back into the groove of enjoying my children and enjoying MYSELF with my children.


3 thoughts on “Two moments

  1. Right On! Like when a teacher with laryngitis can only whisper – all day the class is quiet and also whispers. (probably wouldn’t work 2 days in a row!)

    You can’t be a perfect mother – not in this old sin-cursed world; especially with sinful little creatures (your children, that is). Remember, growing up is a very difficult task – as is growing old.

    Yes, they have to be taught and disciplined, but mostly they need your love – the cuddles, just enjoying being together. They may never remember how the toys were boxed and put away, but they will never forget the warm, caring, loving, and safe
    atmosphere in your home.

    Much love and prayers – Grandma

  2. Oh, so difficult, this letting go business. How can it be? I work so hard to do one thing, while another gets neglected. How come filling someone else with love can be so draining? But these moments sound so wonderful. Like the world just stopped for a minute and gazed.

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