Balance :: An Alternate Concept

Alternate Subtitle : Or how many metaphors can Leilani use in one post on one subject?

Balance.  The rallying cry.

I’ve been thinking about this quest for balance a lot lately.  And I’ve decided to take the Goddess of Balance off of her pedestal.  I think she’s been given more than her due share of my attention, desire, and…guilt.  If know what I’m talking about.

When I think of balance, I think of all things being equal.  Like in that old illustration that meant so much to me and kept me (closer to) balanced in college.  

You are like a car with four wheels, the emotional wheel, the physical wheel, the spiritual wheel, the mental wheel.  You have to keep all of the wheels inflated for your car to run smoothly.

It’s like walking a tightrope…a little too much on this side, a little too little on that side, and you’re teetering dangerously or even falling <splat> onto the pavement below.

But really.  Really.  Is that … balanced?

I am ready to shift to an alternate concept of balance.

Instead of a carefully constructed and maintained equilibrium, I’d like to suggest that balance might engage a wider picture in the wider reality of a life.

That over the course of time, not over the course of a day, I will be able to see the balance I am looking for.

And faith in the larger picture will allow me to enjoy and focus and dive and delve as I am called.  In time it will all even out.  Patterns.  Cycles.

Never mind if I’m abandoning the housework now…I know myself well enough that in time I will happily spend hours cleaning and polishing.  It’s happened before, it will happen again.

But maybe right now I am focused on enjoying my children and enjoying myself with my children.  I know that at points in time I find that to be effortless and then I will be happy to do whatever that particular time might call me to.

Maybe life isn’t meant to be smooth.  Maybe aiming for smooth is aiming for boring.  Or worse, aiming for fruitless struggle.  Maybe life is meant to be full of interest, full of concentration and focus, full of listening to what your life is calling you to.  Maybe life is meant to be a series of dives, high or low, belly flops or ripple-less perfection.  Movement, motion, freedom.

Or maybe I could say that balance is moving from a center. A center that is larger than four wheels on a car.  And I can have faith that that center is strong enough to hold me no matter how ‘unbalanced’ I choose to get.

It’s all good.


4 thoughts on “Balance :: An Alternate Concept

  1. wow, and wow. Now to find the Balance of keeping life balanced!!

    Balance like structure – not enough structure and things become chaotic but too much structure becomes a prison. How about “Structure with great flexibility”.

    As the wonderful poem which goes “…….. ” ( the moral being = go enjoy your children/dust bunnies we will always have! = ) Okay, so I blanked on the words for the poem when I went to write part of it, I think most all mothers know the poem I am referring to.

  2. How ironic that the Goddess of Balance might fall off of her pedestal. It should be noted that a car can balance nicely on 3 wheels and possibly even 2 (or 1) if you’re a crazy enough driver.

  3. Ah Timgineer, but for how long can the car balance so precariously! But you have to admit Leilani’s sharing of her work to find/keep balance has helped us all and made us think through different alternatives. Don’t give up, Leilani, I love the different chapters in time and growth!!

  4. My husband is so silly. 😉 Us poor mothers trying to do EVERYTHING in only 24 hours a day. It’s those engineers and pastors who have a job description that can be accomplished in 8 hours. {I’m pretty sure that’s not true either, but point made!} So yes, I think the truest meaning of balance isn’t possible when duties are too many for time given. I agree — we try do what seems most effortless and enjoyable at the time and let the rest slide. It will all get done by the end of the week/month/year/lifetime {whatever you aim for}. =) But sometimes I disagree {usually when mom hasn’t had enough time to herself, because that takes planning and effort}.

    Will we ever figure it out? :p

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