Lia Loses Her 1st Tooth (and her 2nd)

Awhile back, Lia was looking at herself in the mirror, only to discover that behind her row of pretty little baby teeth were two new adult teeth, in a row of their own.  Surprise!  And here we’d been waiting and waiting for the baby teeth to be wiggly.  Guess the adult teeth weren’t waiting at all.

So the bottom front two teeth became wiggly and we had lots of fun wiggling them.  And we told Lia stories of how we lost our teeth (I loved pulling mine and remember the details of many of them, Devo only remembers one tooth losing situation…he swallowed it with a bite of food).  And we told her about the string and the door bit.  And how my Grandma pulled my first tooth.

Well, she decided that she was going for the tie-a-string-and-slam-the-door method.  That sounded sufficiently exciting.  And efficient. And she decided to do it one morning when Devo was gone.

Now I loved pulling my own teeth, so I was surprised at what a pansy I turned out to be pulling my oldest child’s first tooth.  Don’t you want to wait for Pappie? I couldn’t tell her I was scared, when she wasn’t scared!  But no, she wanted to surprise him.

So, after about half an hour of trying to get the string around the tooth, we (I) stalled for time and watched other kids pull their teeth in such a manner on youtube.  Gotta love youtube.

You’ll notice in this picture, by the way, the two adult teeth, and also the curly hair.  That was one of three hair trials for The Big Wedding…but that’s for another post.

Finally gathered our (my) courage tied the string to the front door knob.  Took a deep breath.  Took another deep breath.  If I can birth babies, I can slam a door.  Slammed the door.  But there was no sound of a tooth hitting the floor (like on youtube).  No, we had only succeeded in yanking it HALF out.  Blood, cool.  Now I was in my element.

Lia was not quite so sure that this was fun.  So we admired it in the mirror, snuggled a bit, ate some lunch, laughed at how it could stick straight out.  And when she went to wiggle it in front of the mirror, she wiggled it all the way out, and came bounding in, triumphant.

And she managed to surprise Pappie.

So now for the Tooth Fairy.  I’d been researching diligently ever since the discovery of the new teeth.  We had bought a small glass jar for her to put her tooth in…on the dresser.  I didn’t think I was slick enough for the under-pillow bit.  So in the tooth went, and to sleep went the little girl.

And in the night, the (surprisingly nervous) Tooth Fairy came and took her tooth and left behind four shiny quarters* (so the baking soda and vinegar didn’t do a whole lot for them, but they were reasonably shiny).  And a letter.  An itty-bitty letter in an itty-bitty envelope.

And, as Lia informed us later, she left a BIG mess of fairy dust.

I should have put something to show the scale of this itty bitty letter.  It’s probably about 2-2 1/2 inches long.

The tooth went into it’s own identifying envelope and into the tooth box someone gave to Lia at her baby shower, six years ago.  (I didn’t lose it or break it!)

But Lia was confused.  She couldn’t figure out the Tooth Fairy.  Because the Tooth Fairy was imaginary, but the Tooth Fairy was REAL…she left a mess of fairy dust, after all!

My friend Linda gave me the great idea to clear up this whole real/imaginary bit, so when her next tooth fell out a few weeks later, I was ready.

This tooth, by the way, was not offered up to the string and door method.  It was wiggled out in a proper and humane manner after church one week.  A sanctified and holy tooth.

Tooth went into jar.  Girl went to sleep.  Tooth Fairy wrote letter, rolled up dollar, made envelopes.  And then I got dressed in fairy wings and purple sunglasses and a handful of glitter (forgot the crown, shucks), and tiptoed in.  I woke her up and when she woke up I said, “I’m the Tooth Fairy and I’ve come to get your tooth!”  And I sprinkled fairy dust on her, on Amelie, on the dresser, and made the great exchange.

So now we have the Tooth Fairy, with a happy blend of whimsy and reality.

*These days, in this house, The Tooth Fairy is paying a dollar per tooth.  But each time the dollar comes in different forms.  I need to start collecting half dollars and silver dollars.  The tooth that gets a hundred pennies should be pretty cool.



2 thoughts on “Lia Loses Her 1st Tooth (and her 2nd)

  1. Love this so much. I can’t believe how tiny your writing is. And that you dressed up and sprinkled fairy dust. What a wonderful mother you are. 😉

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