Somer’s Wedding

Flashing back, post 2.

My dear friend Somer FINALLY got married!  And the wedding was worth waiting for, let me tell you!

In honor of her wedding, I sent more emails and text messages in the space of three weeks than in my entire former life.  Now, I know I’m prone to slight exaggeration for the sake of the story, but I’m really not exaggerating about the texts, and I’m only slightly exaggerating about the emails.  It was intense.  I was organized.

Somer is a college dorm friend, one of a small circle of close friends, so it was absolutely delightful to spend time with all the girls.  Aimee came down from northern California, bringing her new baby for us to smell and bless and cuddle and admire.   Emily (my roommate/bestfriend/cousin of college years) flew all the way from Virginia, bringing her five year old Ella with her.  Cousins!  Emily’s turned into a dedicated seamstress (I almost typed ‘sewer’, but that doesn’t look quite right, does it?) – and we spent most of our time together talking about sewing and crafts.  She had brought matching flannel kitty nightgowns for the three girls.  Darling.

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

But being that Lia and Amelie were flower girls, Levi was Bible Boy (although he never made an appearance as such, he was decked out in full regalia and adding to the general craziness splendor of the day), Devo was emcee at the reception, and I was in charge of pulling together, rehearsing, and singing in a small choir….I didn’t get to really soak much of it in.  Really looking forward to the video.

Of course a wedding means a rehearsal dinner.  Not shown is Ella, under the table cloth, conked out on Emily and Jenn’s lap.

And a rehearsal.  Amelie and Liana took the greatest pictures.

And late night snacks of minestrone and cottage cheese.  In kitty nightgowns.

And cousinly snuggles in bed.  Didn’t last long, but it was sweet while it lasted.  And amazingly quiet.

Wedding day!  The first wedding among our close friends in which there are many small children running amuck and adding to the joy of the day.  I never got a moment to finish my hair and makeup, so here I am, half-baked. Presentable, but half baked.   Still kind of irked about that.

Instead of a unity candle, or sand, Somer and Curt planted a tree with soil from the different places that have been significant in their relationship.  While the cello played Jesus Christ the Apple Tree.  It was just beautiful.  I took the picture from the back balcony, where the choir had sung Ubi Caritas as the bridal march.  If I hadn’t been all keyed up and trying to corral a squirming wild animal in a Bible boy disguise, this is where I would have cried.  Can’t wait for the video.

Ah, there he is.  Did I mention that he never took a nap on the Wedding Day?  Put him down twice (three times?), but to no avail.  I leave the results to your imagination (or experience).  But he looks cheerful and angelic here, doesn’t he?  I made two darling bowties for the occasion, pattern from CrabAppleAttic on etsy.  I’ve made a handful of bowties now, including one for Amelie.  Because she needed one, too.

Lia sending off the newlyweds in their getaway car.

And I have no pictures from the beautiful reception, except at the very very end where the children are dancing on stage after most of the guests had departed.  The rest of the time was a concentrated effort in survival.  Devo had been in charge of getting them through pictures and through the wedding, whilst I warbled with the choir.  Then he passed them off to me and went to fulfill his emcee duties.  Thanks to friends around the table who carried plates, fetched popcorn, and didn’t expect much lucid conversation out of me, we had a lovely time.

The photo booth pictures were supposed to be of the bride and her friends.  But it was the end of the night, children were clinging and/or over-excited.  So we crammed in and posed and contorted…until Levi stepped on the power outlet and turned the whole thing off.

Fitting, somehow.


3 thoughts on “Somer’s Wedding

  1. Weddings with kids are something to be survived!! And you did it with responsibilities! Amazing. Had to laugh about Levi and the photo booth. Great telling. Don’t stop writing. We love it. =)

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