Singing in a Choir

:: what I’ve been up to in the last month, post #4 ::

After six and a half long years, I returned to the world of choral singing.

My favorite college choral director has spent the last five or more years cultivating his Men’s Chorus.  No mixed chorus a’tall.  Much to my chagrin.  So when he mentioned early this year that he was planning a mixed chorus Christmas concert, my ears perked up and my heart filled with hope.

And Devo immediately promised and committed to making it happen, no matter what. Which I thought was sweet…I hadn’t started thinking of logistics…I was still in the burgeoning hope stage.

And basically he ended up pushing me out the door, arranging babysitters, hosting church meetings at the house, rearranging schedules and skipping some things altogether….just so that I could sing in this choir.  If a choral performance was like a book with a list of acknowledgments, the whole page would be dedicated to him. ❤  (My first use of the heart symbol…which always looks a little to me like an icecream cone…but hey, heart, ice cream cone, it’s all good and all love).

So for Tuesday and some Thursday nights, I was suddenly out on my own, minus children.  In the evenings.  For several hours.  Singing.

I would look around me in the choir at all the people.  Especially those lucky men’s chorus men who do this every week.  And I’d think about how to other people this is just a choir rehearsal.  But to me, oh to me!, it was … glorious.  Or if I was too tired to beam with the glory, it was deeply satisfying.

I rode to and fro with a good college friend, Jenn.  We haven’t talked this much since college.  And maybe not even then.  And another college love, Jen, (don’t get confused now) and I were reunited in the Second Soprano section as though no time had passed.  Although I’d like to think we’re not as obnoxious now as we might have been before.  I mean, we thought it was fun to sing through opera librettos making up our own melodies…but I can totally understand why the dean in the dorm called and asked us to tone it down.

Me, Jenn, and Jen – blurry but so happy togetherrrrrr

The little girls loved listening to the music…especially the fun ones like Deck the Hall.  I was sad that they didn’t get to go to the concert…firstly it was a highbrow audience, secondly it only started at 8pm, and thirdly it was over an hour away.

Actually, I went to the concert all on my own.  Original plan from back in May was for Devo to come with me, like a date where we sit separated for two hours.  But for a variety of reasons it didn’t happen that way.  And I was a little sorry because he had worked so hard to make it happen.  But there will be more choir concerts.  Hopefully before another 6 and a half years pass.

The concert itself went beautifully.  I wasn’t too nervous (biggest worry after such a long hiatus from performing) and we sang well.  The music was fun and challenging and it was a delight to sing with people who SING.

Just in case you want to know, I’m in the second row from the back, second person from the right.

I wish I could upload the music files, they turned out so beautifully.  If we’re friends on facebook, you can see a video on my wall.  But the sound quality isn’t as good.

And now I’m returning to real and normal life where I’m not flitting off on these excursions so completely removed from my usual familial existence.  And I’m relieved to find that I’m not chafing…give her an inch, she’ll take a mile…none of that.  More like it was fun while it lasted.


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