Let’s Finish This

Well, I don’t know if more happened during my month away (I’m sure it did), but I’m ready to finish things up and return to the present.

So here are random things that I found documented in my photos, in no particular order…grouped by subject.

Did some gardening, but not much, and certainly not enough.  At some point Lia picked about half of the green lemons on our little lemon tree.  The remaining few are turning yellow and we’re looking forward to our first (ripe) crop.

Went hiking.

Went hiking again.

Ahh, PBJ, the ultimate hiking food.

Went bike riding, with a joyful end at the park.  Included some science experiments in static electricity.


Had Devo’s cousin’s family over for a Thanksgiving Feast…mama-style.  (That would be, we ate all the foods my mama usually makes for Thanksgiving.  This is how traditions happen.)  I love spending American holidays with South Africans…gives it a different flavor.

And then the music, oh the music!  We have some good friends (Sam is also a pastor here, collegiate) … and he and Shelley have kids.  And our kids love their kids.  (Levi calls both Ali and Micah “Aya”, which we think is darling and hilarious.)

When the college asked Sam if his kids would sing something for the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, they replied, “Not without Lia and Amelie.”  Well, they had to do without Amelie, bashful creature she is.  And Lia was determined almost up to the end that she was going to dance while Ali sang.  (I’m kind of sorry she didn’t).  But they ended up with a trio – Ali (10) and Micah (7) on the ukelele’s and the three of them singing Silent Night.  In hats and scarves.  In front of the Christmas tree.  It was pretty cute.

Sunday was the Christmas piano recital.  Lia played Jingle Bells and did a lovely job.  (Phew! I wasn’t sure we’d be ready in time!)

And Amelie took pictures.

Then Ali, Micah, and Lia played a “Christmas Tree-o”…get it? get it?  We practiced and practiced and practiced and it turned out so sweet.  Then we jollied over to the staff Christmas party and they all played their recital pieces again for the pastoral and office staff.  I was so proud of Lia…she just stepped up to the piano, sat down, and played her little piece like it’s something she does everyday.  (I love to see how straight she sits, with her little ankles daintily crossed).  It helps to start so young, and with a teacher who encourages performance, and with friends who are already doing it.

If I had ever learned to play (in front of people), I should have been a great proficient. –Catherine De Bourgh.



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