Christmas Carols, unplugged

Some of the Christmas carols have acquired new lyrics, here in our wintry household.  (Okay, so it was 85 earlier this week, but we still pretend it’s wintry).

I don’t have any desire to correct the alternate lyrics.  These days are short and sweet.

Jingle Bells…apparently I haven’t explained that we’re a temperance family…because bells on cocktails ring. (To be  honest, I don’t know what a bobtail is either).

Feliz Navidad … Devo should like this … becomes feliz naughty-dad.

But my personal favorite at the moment, the one I can’t help laughing at every single time, though it draws puzzled looks from Lia, is ::

Angels we have heard on high,

Sweetly singing o’er the pie;

And the mountains in reply, (see, pie rhymes with high and reply, so it makes perfect sense)

Echoing their joyous strings.
And I’ve got the PIE recorded on the Christmas carol recording we’re making for our families.  Score! 


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