NO – for the third time

When Lia and Amelie learned the word “no”, I was a little dismayed.  It’s so cute at first, but then the consequences!

With Levi, I don’t begrudge him “no” a’tall.  When I hear him shrieking NONONONONO!!! from another room, I know he needs to be rescued from his elder sisters.  Every young sibling needs a weapon for self-defense and I think this one works reasonably well and is much more pacifistic than, say, pulling hair.

Every answer to every question now, is “no”.  We’ve become experts on divining the real meaning of “no” from the circumstances, the facial expressions, the tone of voice.

He actually reminds me of this character in Vicar of Dibley – the man on the ‘church board’ who has a stutter… Yes, this is our life right now.

(He has also recently picked up the “mine” from his sisters…I’m not so keen on this one…and does a remarkable imitation of the seagulls on Nemo…minemineminemineminemine.)


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