Four Thoughts

One. We left brunch at Somer’s house today as the proud hostesses of a stuffed moose bride and a stuffed moose groom.  By hostesses, I mean that they’ve come for an indefinite visit (Somer thought they’d see more action over on this side), and they are in the custody of two small girls.

Amelie has taken the bride, complete with red smacking kissing lips.  Lia has adopted what Amelie refers to as “the broom”.  Both are frequently stripped of their wedding finery, and then (surprise!) re-dressed.  No, they do not know what goes on during a honeymoon.  Thankfully.

Two.  Levi was very engaging this evening while skyping with Grandma Patti and Great-Grandma Ruby and Great-Grandpa Bob.  He ran through most of his ‘tricks’.  Including the ever-cute “peas Mom” and “peas Pop”.  (How can you deny anything to a little angel who says “peas Mom?”)

He even joined his sisters in their piano concert by bowing, climbing on the bench and playing his “composition”, climbing back down, and bowing again.  He knows the drill.

He did not, however, exhibit his (relatively) new trick of pulling a chair to whatever contraband is out of reach and helping himself.

Three. It’s raining here.  I realize that after weeks and weeks of gray drizzly rain I would probably get tired of it, but at the moment I can’t imagine it.  It’s perfect weather for reading and cuddling.

Lia thought it was perfect weather for a fire, a movie, and some hot cocoa.  Which was a great idea.  She was disappointed that we didn’t do all three concurrently, but we didn’t think the living room carpet could handle the hot cocoa.

Four. Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary.  We plan on celebrating in fine style…a babysitter, dinner, and possibly a movie.  Not creative by any means, but satisfying.  And that’s what counts.


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