Christmas Tidings

I have a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that there is something wrong with my beloved SLR camera.  I hope it’s not fatal.  I plugged it in to upload pictures the other night and things just weren’t…right.  I never did get the photos uploaded and now I’m a chicken to try again.  Avoidance technique fully engaged.

Santa’s most helpful resident elf has been working late nights, and they’ve caught up with said elf with a vengeance today.  I’ve only got half a forehead left of bangs to embroider (in bright orange yarn), two cheeks to paint on, and a couple of hems to whipstitch and I’m DONE.  READY.  FINIS.  Plan A is to finish it up while watching my all time favorite Christmas movie Love Actually with Devo.  Plan B is to eat a snack and go to bed.

I’ve been watching Christmas movies during my late night solo work frolics.  We watched three as a family….White Christmas, While You Were Sleeping and a family favorite Christmas in the Clouds.  But the late nighters are my movies…and they all seem to have Cary Grant in them.  Holiday, An Affair To Remember, and, just for good Cary Grant measure, The Philadelphia Story.  And then, because I was still whipstitching the clothes on to Lia’s doll, I started Philadelphia Story again, this time with commentary.

Lia has become the official Family Christmas Caroler.  You can hear her little voice warbling at almost any time of day.  She spends hours standing by the piano, singing from the big Reader’s Digest Christmas anthology.  And no, she doesn’t need me to play the piano for her, because she has an imaginary accompanist.

We three kings, of glory and art….

As for carols, Amelie prefers belting out her carols.  And Levi has learned to sing along with us….

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the WAY…

Amelie goes adventuring with the nativity set I made out of wooden people (need camera to supply pictures).  The angels are Mary’s sisters.  The shepherds are Joseph’s brothers.  And we’ve misplaced a wiseman.

The girls went round and round the house today, Lia pulling Amelie around on a rolling chair….using a scarf.  As they go through the kitchen I hear, “Are we almost to Bethlehem yet?”

Amelie says that she was riding because “I’m the wife”.

We’re trying hard to hold on to our Christmas secrets in this house.  And we’re definitely getting more subtle than a few years ago.  Lia hopped out to see Devo after we made his secret Christmas gift…sporting a tell-tale ring around her mouth (results of quality control) and announcing that Pappie MUST NOT smell her breath.

We’ve finished and mostly delivered our Christmas gifts.  We made sweet orange lip balm and lemon snowflake cookies.  A citrus-y Christmas.  The lip balm was so much fun and so easy, I wish I’d ordered a hundred tins, then I could give some to everybody!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tidings

  1. Oh what fun. 🙂 So glad to hear that Christmas traditions become more fun with age. I’ve been trying to encourage pretend play with out Little People Nativity set…but I think my boys are still trying to figure out what this baby born deal is all about. It’ll come. Christmas carols are so fun. Love their funny lyrics. =) mmmm I’ll take some lip balm. It’s DRY up here.

  2. Relax and enjoy. Sorry – it seems that Grandma has become a grinch. I’ve done so very little this year. No tree or decorations. With Darlene’s help Wednesday we ‘tried’ to made cookies. One would have thought I’d never used a recipe before. Then of course, I have a new oven that I’m not used to. Will be great after I’ve used it enough to follow ‘it’s’ rules. It’s Christmas eve and I’ve yet to get my usual Friday shopping put away. Thankfully we are all well. Much love to each of you.

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