All is Merry and Bright

Our advent wreath.

All it needs is a big mirror behind it to reflect the light.

Homemade sweet orange lip balm.

To expand on the citrus-y Christmas theme, my Grandma’s Lemon Snowflake Cookies.  Bite sized.

Levi, the sleepy assistant.  Awwwww.

Packages guarded by Halla the Stone Bunny.

Peppermint bark.

Christmas morning.  Lia with Margot.  Lia is wearing her Christmas nightgown that I made…

Amelie with Mermaiden.  And nightgown.  Christmas angels wrapped in Mommy’s love.  Levi checking out the loot.

Levi with Eddie and traditional Christmas morning candy cane.  Ho ho ho.

The peppermint bark.  Levi again checking out the loot.

My Wee Wonderfuls, photo shot late at night by a bleary-eyed mommy on Christmas Eve.   The girls sewed the clothes for Levi’s Eddie, Margot still awaiting her other half.

Merry Christmas from us to you!  May your days be merry and bright…


4 thoughts on “All is Merry and Bright

  1. Beautiful family!! Nearly shed tears over your exquisite lemon cookies. Last week I mixed up a batch that didn’t ‘look right’. Weary, so refrigerated the dough – which did NOT help. Yesterday I put said ‘dough’ back in the mixer and added a couple of eggs. No improvement so – – thankfully the garbage is picked up Friday morning. Your mom took over and made some yummy cookies – but no lemon crisps. (and I think the letter Devo worked so hard on last year is ready to be sent out) Much love, Gma

  2. Thx! Enjoyed the pic’s. Such a pity we did not have internet on such an important day! Love you all and would have enjoyed it if we could have been part of that special time. So thankful for all the Xmas songs you send! Listening to it all the time. Loving the bubbly laughter and the fun we can hear. Love you all!

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