New Year’s at minimum level

I’ve been pondering the future.  I like planning and goals.  The way opens before me into a bright and shiny new year.

But I’ve had a hard time coming up with any resolutions, or any enthusiasm for coming up with resolutions.

I’m certainly not going to lose weight this year. <titter>

After all the Christmas shenanigans, I’m just content to try and take back up from where we were in about mid-October.  Headed in a good direction, working out the kinks, purposeful, meaningful, good, manageable.

But I love making resolutions, it’s in my very nature, so I finally managed… one.

I resolve to be more methodical.

I am very methodical.  Some of the time.

Thanks to Flylady, my minimum level of methodical-ism is greatly increased since my pre-Flylady days.  Thanks to Flylady, I always shower first thing in the morning and make the bed, and we always do dishes.  Always. (Did I just jinx myself by using an absolute?  Will tomorrow bring a sinkful of dirty dishes that gets left behind?)

It’s that minimum level I’d like to increase this year. (Perhaps I foresee that I’m going to spend large chunks of the year operating at minimum level).

Maybe I could aim to increase the minimum level to include decent meals.  And a well-stocked pantry.  Or a clean bathroom.  I’d like to be able to attach the word “always” to some of those things.

Perhaps it’s a matter of semantics and I should change the resolution to I resolve to BECOME more methodical.  A purposeful, complete change vs. a goal.



3 thoughts on “New Year’s at minimum level

  1. I hear ya. I’ve really enjoyed Emilie Barnes suggestions. My home is more organized overall ( =). Sidetracked Home Executives is along the same lines. Blessings on your pregnancy AND productivity.

  2. Emilie Barnes! She was my very first inspiration…unfortunately I’ve lost the book that I had on home organization. I’ve actually driven by the house she used to live in here in my city…it’s beautiful. Thank you Rachel for the good wishes!

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