News Flash with Leilani

  • Stoically avoiding the “I’m pregnant, I need to take a nap every day” habit, going to bed earlier.
  • Going to try making these granola bars.  I’m all about midday snacks right now.
  • Perhaps the Nutcracker is finally reaching it’s end (I love the hours of the three sprites dancing, not so keen on the ipod alarm blasting Russian Dance at 4am several mornings in a row).  I say this only because Lia discovered the Shakespeare book … perhaps it’s time to set aside ballet and engage in a little drama.  Looking for more ideas for Shakespeare for Children.
  • Incredulity –  the interview with Dr. Atul Gawande’s about his  Checklist Manifesto.  A +33% decline in post-op complications and deaths?  Really?  The concept is so practical and so applicable to everything…
  • Agonizing over food.  Got to figure out a sustainable, season-sensitive, easy, healthy, protein rich, large quantity, economical, make ahead food schedule.  Biggest questions of the moment :: what to make for Friday dinner that can be reheated and served to guests for Sabbath lunch? Why are all the slow cooker recipes for meat eaters? And why are all the bloggers who cook large quantities of food meat eaters and not particularly health conscious?  Where are the vegans with 7 children?
  • Food success this week…freezer burritos!  Well, so, actually, we haven’t eaten the ones in the freezer yet.  But the pre-frozen ones were pretty good, and I count microwavable freezer food as worth it’s weight in gold.
  • Second food success this week…the kids will eat cornmeal for breakfast! Thanks Laura! The vote’s still out farina (which is what, btw?).  Why have I been forking out for malt-o-meal all this time?

4 thoughts on “News Flash with Leilani

  1. The Navy translation is that farina is cream of wheat. Which we eat all the time – at least Benjamin and I do. 🙂 I’ll keep my eyes open for meatless crock pot meals, but I do know they are hard to come by.

  2. Ah, so I was right in calling it malt-o-meal. We love any cream-of-wheat stuff, so I’m sure it will go over well.
    Debbie, you found me a site? I’m going to go peruse…. good luck this weekend, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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