Amelie’s Hair, again.

Yesterday, I heard Amelie’s footsteps pattering upstairs – where she isn’t supposed to be.  I poked my head out of the kitchen when she came down.  And my countenance fell.

She’s done it again.

She’s chopped off all of her bangs, right to the top of the forehead.  With some side pieces for good measure.  (But, she later informed me, in a consoling tone of voice, I didn’t cut ANY at the back.)

I cried.  I couldn’t help it.

Most superficially, I cried because it’s taken, what, four or five months to grow it out from the first major chop.  And just in the last two weeks I had trimmed it into a little bob, so cute, with short little 1950s bangs.  And she looked so darling.  And not … asymmetrical.

But beyond that, as I wailed to Devo when he came to pat me (after administering the requisite lecture and soul-stirring discussion that Mommy funked), IIIIIII FAAAAAAILED.

All week we’ve (I’ve) been working and working and struggling and struggling to get everything put away and locked away so that we could easily manage our toy (mess) situation.  And I’ve been working and working and struggling and struggling to get household routines (like meals) straightened out into an easy, manageable flow.  But all Amelie did last week was trot from one forbidden thing to another, leaving messes (and motherly insanity) in her wake.  She wasn’t being defiantly naughty, more flowing with a happy wandering spirit.  But that meant that I spent my week basically following behind her, always one step behind, never quite catching up.

Always one step behind.


We should have taken those family photos on Sabbath when Shelley offered to take them.

I don’t cry now when I look at her.  But I haven’t yet found the equanimity I was granted with the earlier episode of Hair Hacking.

Devo calls her “Curtains”.  Because her bangs look like curtains that have been pulled back. She laughs, but she doesn’t really know why he calls her that.

And there are no pictures.  I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.


In other, related news, I bought bungee cords today and secured the gate and the door to the forbidden items.  A day too late.  But better late than never, I always say.


5 thoughts on “Amelie’s Hair, again.

  1. I am sooo sorry. And her trimmed hair was so cute. Did I tell you that Ani had cut her hair Saturday – again? Maybe she heard me and got inspired. But I don’t think I had remembered to tell you. Maybe her and Ani have ESP.

    Feed her wheaties and see if it helps her hair grow faster!!! Maybe not ready for joking yet.


  2. It’s only hair – and it will grow back. As your mom said – Ani did hers last week. I understand that she wanted to look like Auntie Patti. Every child does this – aren’t you glad yours are ‘normal’? (Scary, isn’t it!) Much love, Gma

  3. We finally had to tell Ella that if she cut her hair again we were going to shave it all off (buzz cut, not bald!) and she would look like a boy. I was ready to do it too! And she never cut her hair again!

  4. I feel for you, but I am feeling for Amelie too! It seems to me she wants to experiment being a hair dresser. You can cut her hair, why can she not? That is maybe what she asks herself. Maybe she must cut Pappa’s hair before he get it shaved! We get here cheap doll wigs that fits Barbie dolls. Maybe you get it there also. It is also available in a set of 4 with cullers, comp and small scissors . I suggest you get some for her and let her cut the wigs. Love you all

  5. oh man, you are like my hero. So glad to hear that you also struggle with keeping control of the toy/mess. I’ve been having such a time getting my household organised, thought I must be one of those incompetent moms… Thanks for showing me that real moms struggle with those things too. No one’s perfect. 🙂 I hope to get some semblance of order soon. Holding thumbs, or is it prayers, with you, too. Jared and sometimes, Taelyn, have been doing that, too. Following the places I tidy and undoing it. They’re so happy to be able to find their toys, I guess. lol
    Hoping to keep my forbidden items out of reach, as my little boy is every the curious one at the moment. Need to formulate a plan, too.
    God bless. WIshing you strength and wisdom.

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